Wi Fi on coach?

On the fabulous American Canyonlands tour last summer, I was delighted to discover that the coach had WiFi available, making the use of my iPad possible. This year, I'm looking forward to the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park tour beginning on June 22 and hope someone can let me know if WiFi will be available during the Canadian portion of the trip. Also, any other tips for this trip are appreciated.


  • I can't help on the WiFi issue, unfortunately. It may have been available when I did some touring last year, including Glacier National Park, but I can't remember any of the TDs announcing it. It is possible I just dismissed it with a ... huh? why wound anyone want to play on the internet when there's THAT outside! I'm sure one of the Tauck moderators could give better advice than me on this!

    But, I can tell you that you'll see some stunning stuff on the Glacier National Park tour! I did the trip last July. I'd suggest that you pack clothes that you can layer and, at a pinch, wear all at once! The weather can be very changeable in the mountains and the higher you are, the more that can happen. If you happen to have a low tolerance to altitude (perhaps because you live at sea level ;)), be aware that the first day at Lake MacDonnald you will be taken on a lake trip ... which is just stunning. But, this being the first day at any altitude, be aware that the very gentle hike (using that word very loosely) up a very tiny slope ... there and back ... between two points on a mid-lake island might affect you. Be aware and be kind to yourself and any fellow travellers who might be similarly effected. You will generally get any altitude consequences sorted in a couple of days, after all, it's not very high. It's just that you might not be used to it and altitude might not be the first thing you think of if you start to feel breathless as you cross the mildly hilly path.

    It's a great trip through stunning U.S. and Canadian national parks. There are very good opportunities to sight wildlife almost everywhere you go. You will have a wonderful time.


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