Spotlight on India Oct 2018

I will be making this trip as a solo. If there is seating in pairs on tours, will I be seated with another solo or seated alone? My preference would be to be paired up with another member of the group.


  • I have noticed that singles generally are seated alone, but if there is another like-minded solo you could ask to sit together. You might want to discuss taking turns to be next to the window since I found the sites when driving the long distances probably the most fascinating of all our tours and took lots of photos on the move. That's difficult if you have to keep leaning across a companion you are not related to or they are trying to sleep.
  • Tauck normally doesn't pair solo travelers , is up to you if you want to seat next to someone on the buses, I do prefer to seat by myself so I can move freely and have my camera gear, water etc... with easy access . On the Safaris the TD's do pair some solo travelers on the jeeps, basically because they need to have 6 passengers in each.
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