Are shorts for men forbidden in St. Peters also

I can't comment on any actual "rules". I'd just think about it as a case of respectful behaviour. If it's considered respectful to cover my head in a synagogue, then of course I'll cover my head. If it's considered respectful to remove my shoes in a mosque, then of course I'll remove my shoes. If you are entering St Peter's Basilica, i.e. the church, then I'd think shorts that reach the knee ... cargo shorts or similar (I can't keep up with what these things are called) would be fine. I'd be more concerned if the wearer was bare chested or only wore a skimpy singlet. Same goes for women. That's where scarves and shawls come in handy! Any place of worship is somewhere where respect is always appreciated. If you are talking about St Peter's Square, or the museums (excluding the Sistine Chapel, which is, of course, also a church) I think the usual travel attire would be fine. But you might get sun burnt in the square if you re visiting in a Roman summer!




  • Inside St. Peter's and the surrounding buildings are about the only places where I wear long pants when traveling in Italy (in fact, we call it "Vatican dress"). I would strongly recommend that you wear long pants there but inside virtually all other basiliche, cattedrali, e chiese (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore [Florence], Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark [Venice], etc.) you'll be in good company with nice walking shorts in the current fashion of just to the top of the knees and, of course, shoulders covered. Both issues apply to both genders.
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