Rwanda trek carried by porters

Just a fun thing to tell you about. We met a couple this morning who had lived in Kenya for a couple of years. They have also been to Uganda to trek to the Gorillas there. You have to go a lot higher there to get to the Gorillas. There were three elderly Chinese in the party and they were determined to see the Gorillas so they hired 36, yes 36 porters to carry them all the way there. Gosh, if I need to hire porters let’s hope I only need a couple to carry me, better get dieting now!


  • A bunch of Chippendales perchance? :D

  • Not about gorillas but this reminds me of a story that happened this past Christmas. We were on a Tauck Bridges tour in Tanzania and one day at lunch, at the Four Seasons, there were about 8 to 10 Asian people behind us. Found out later that they were staying elsewhere but wanted to have lunch at the Four Seasons that day. When they called they were told that the hotel was filled and they could not eat lunch there. Then it was mentioned that there was a villa that was renting for $40,000 (!) for one night. They BOOKED IT and did not stay there but ended up having lunch at the Four Seasons. This was told by the manager of the hotel to our tour guide, so I am assuming it has to be true.

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