We'll be on the Alaska tour in early September 2019 and are looking for advice about clothing for that time of the year. Our inquiry includes appropriate attire for the cruise as well as the land portion and excursions. Thanks in advance for the input.


  • Chatted with a friend who works in Alaska during the summer. She said she was wearing her down parka in September. Said it's a changing weather month. Highly recommended wearing layers. She liked wearing 3/4 length sleeves and a jacket/sweater for work. Said mosquito repellent is key along with sunscreen. Said in the parks the mosquitos can be VERY thick and to spray your clothing as well as your exposed skin. She said it can rain so be sure to have the necessary rain gear as well. We booked Aug. 2020 so I'll be asking her for more specifics in the summer of 2020. I'll update this post then if I can find this thread!

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