jordan israel trip okay for vibrant 88 year old?

My mother and I have traveled with Tauck several times and I have found them very competent when working with older travelers. Mom really wants to take this Jordan Israel tour and, while she's very fit and self-sufficient, I wonder if it's too much. She would need an elevator to hotel rooms and a step stool to board buses that have a step higher than 12 inches and she may not scamper around the ruins as much as us "younger pups, but she's game for just about anything.
Does anyone out there have insights or advice? We're looking at a november travel date. Thanks All!


  • When we took this trip our group spanned the ages of 18-83.
    Only you know what your mother can do. There is a lot of walking involved and a good deal of it is on cobblestones, dirt, etc.
    The walking also involves going up and down a lot of hills.
    The hotels all have elevators.
  • We went to Egypt and Jordan with another company in '09. There were two less than fully able people with us when we went to Petra--a gal who badly sprained her ankle while on our tour, and a guy with a breathing disorder, possibly emphysema. Neither one could physically have been able to walk through Petra. Our tour director arranged for a horse drawn cart to take them through the siq to the Treasury, and from there through the length of the walk to the restaurant where we met for our lunch. Although my husband and I went by cart through the siq, we did walk once we got to the Treasury from there to the restaurant, so arrangements for someone who can't do the walk are possible. However, be forewarned. The cart ride is very, very uncomfortable. It's bumpy and there are no springs on the seats. If you think your mother may need to use a cart, you probably need to take a soft pillow to somewhat cushion her ride. Even so, she'll be bounced. The downside of going this way is that you miss the descriptions of the extremely wonderful places you'll pass. Tauck may arrange a camel ride through Petra, probably on the way back. We rode a camel in Australia, and both my husband and I can attest to the fact that it isn't a very comfortable way to ride!
  • Thanks so much for your insights on navigating this tour with my mother. I spoke with a tauck rep today and she said similar things about terrain and length of walks. We concluded that Mom may just remain in the hotel with her books and forego the Petra tour. Although, LovesTravel mentioned the horse drawn cart and it's tempting to consider that as an option. We'll see. The camel, well, that's pretty much out of the question for her, but Mom will enjoy pictures of me attempting to mount the fella. She's very excited about this trip. Wish us luck!
  • Just returned from the Israel/Jordan trip. There was an 80 year old woman who walked with a cane. She took the horse & buggy into the Treasury in Petra. That is definitely the highlight of the trip. I think your mom should do it. After the Treasury you have to walk one mile to the restaurant. If she can do that then a van takes some people all the way back to the hotel. If she can't then she can take a horse and buggy out. It leaves you about a block from the hotel. They will bring a car to pick her up if needed. Yes, it is bumpy but you can ask the driver to go slower and that helps. She should do everything possible to see the Treasury. It really is one of the wonders of the world!
  • to queenanngel
    we did this tour last November and a single female traveler of 82 was in our group. She did just fine and did not miss a sight. Wonderful trip and just let your mother go at her own pace taking one day at a time. She may be so excited, as we all were. that obstacles at home seem to disappear. Tauck's tour directors are most accomodating and will do everything they can to make this trip a one of a lifetime for both of you.
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