Nice/Paris Tour

Will be in Nice, Paris in Mid-June and would like to know if anyone has tips on how to dress for dinners. What range is accepetable (from most casual to most fancy) in dress at the fancier restaurants (female). Also, for dinners on our own were reservations required for the restaurants you went to? Any tips on places to visit while we have spare time? Thanks for your time.


  • Hi wylie,
    We took this trip in July '09 & people dressed up a bit more for dinner than they do in the US-my husband mostly wore dockers & dress shirts (or at least a golf shirt) & I went w/ capris-cute tops or dress pants & heels w/ a cute shirt dependig on where we we dining. We were about 50/50 w/ reservations at restaurants where we were dining w/out the group. If you have spare time in Nice try to check out the Old Town as it is a nic place t walk around w/ lots of shops & restaurants. In Paris try to do Ste Chappelle-the upstairs chapel is stunning. Also, try to hit a sidewalk cafe for a coffee or glass of wine & just soak up the atmosphere. We also took a full day trip to Normandy from Paris that was really nice-we wanted to see the DDay beaches. Whatever you do you'll have a great time-you'll be in France after all!
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