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  • Hi,
    Wondering if anyone is traveling on California's Gold Coast departing August 15...can't wait!
  • Just returned from the Gold Coast trip. Great trip, great group, great tour director and a great bus driver! Had nice weather almost everyday. We especially enjoyed Yosemite and the Getty museum. And the bus even had WiFi! Will be glad to answer any questions.
  • Hi sue
    I am the person in the above post leaving on the 15th
    Any insights to share! How was hiking in the park?
    Wifi on the bus... Wow!
  • SusGot, Took this tour a couple of years ago. It was wonderful. The amount of hiking is up to you. At Yosemite I took the tour that went up to Glacier Point. In the afternoon I walked around the ground level of the park and just relaxed. I didn't do any hiking. There were some who took the all day trip. You are really free to do whatever you want. Enjoy the trip. It is wonderful.
  • Hi Susan,
    I agree with the above entry from flatlands64…Yosemite is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Tauck now offers a guided walk from the hotel in the morning and we also took the 4 hour tour up to Glacier Point. That 4 hour tour is offered by the park concessionaire for a charge, but we thought it was well worth it. On the night at the Ahwahnee when dinner isn’t included we ate in the bar and enjoyed it very much. Couple other suggestions for “meals on your own.” In San Francisco we ate at Sears Fine Food….less than a block from the Westin on Powell and was very good. And on Cannery Row we liked The Fish Hopper. Both have websites.
    Have a great time!
  • Thank-you both for your responses! They are very helpful I sincerely appreciate it and can't wait to leave!
  • My husband and I are very excited to be going on this tour beginning October 17, 2012. Anyone else booked on this tour? We will have an extra day in San Francisco and have booked Alcatraz in the evening of the 18th when we have free time. I understand you should book this ahead of time as it fills up fast. We were arriving a day early so we can go to Muir woods and Sausalito. Any responses are welcome.
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