May 22 trip

Leaving on the 19th for Lima and will arrive on the 20th. Took advice on altitude pills for both my husband and myself and also bought Merrells for walking as well as water shoes. Have no idea what I will pack and fit into one piece of luggage but it will be a challenge. We will have to bring rain gear. Heard great things about this trip and looking forward.


  • We're heading to Lima on May 20th. Packing for travel is tricky - choosing shoes alone is somewhat overwhelming for this trip - water, hiking and walkabout shoes are requisite, but what about sandals? It suggests casual, but implies we might want to dress for dinner one night - yet another pair of shoes??? Does dressing for dinner suggest a jacket and tie for men, or are slacks and a dress shirt enough? Also, I assume they mean one, 50 pound suit case + a day pack per person. Suggestions welcome!
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    I didn't read the info. correctly and worried that the weight limit on this trip for the main piece of luggage was 44 lbs., but that # referred to the train trip, not the airlines. Thank goodness! I had already removed a few items from the bag, so it's just as well, more room for souvenirs. We're each taking one checked piece and one carry-on (plus the duffel that was sent to us).

    On another subject, I have arranged a city tour through the hotel visiting five locations. The concierge has been very helpful.
  • We e-mailed the hotel yesterday re tours before the start of the Tauck tour but have not heard back from them. We arrive on the 19th and are interested in seeing other venues from the Tauck schedule on the 20th or 21st. What are the five locations on your private tour?
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    If it's not too late, can I make some suggestions re shoes and clothes? With the caveat that I did this trip when it was just the Galapagos, without the Peru part.

    I took a pair of Ecco flat walking shoes.... Mary Janes ... I think you call them, for everyday use except for walking/hiking about off the boat. Some people wore water-type Teva sandals. They were good for people who could walk for hours without socks. I couldn't so I had to have water, lace-up Merrills ... a pain because I had to have a towel and socks and wide Band Aids in my day pack. Now, I'd wear water or reef shoes. They are light and easier to shove in your pack when you've dried your feet and put on your socks and real walking shoes! What a rigmarole, but if you go for the reef shoes, they have hardly any weight or substance. I also had a pair of "nothing" sandals for dinner on the Isabella. Pack double socks because you can go through 2 pairs a day, with all the wet, dry and sand business. I think it's a good idea to invest in one of those safari-type shirts ... with lots of pockets and gussets and flaps everywhere. They wash and dry in a trice and all those pockets are Really Useful. I took one recently on an expedition cruise to the Kimberleys in remote north western Australia and it was terrific.

    As for clothes, when I went I wore long cotton trousers and a light-weight, long-sleeved blouse over a T-shirt for exploring ... long sleeves for sun-protection. Except for when my bum missed the side of the zodiac and I fell in, I worked on the one on, one off principle! ;) For dinner, people did change because your are hot and sweaty after your day exploring. You really didn't want to be wearing the same exploring clothes that you wore climbing about! Rather than dressing up, people cleaned up, if you get my drift. A clean, non-explorer top and bottoms, without the pith helmet! And no socks for dinner... while they are being recycled you can wear the nothing sandals. Sorry chaps, you'll have to work on that part yourselves!

    You may never want to see yourself in any of these clothes ever again, but for these trips you really need to think practically. You don't have to keep the photos of yourself! I was only kidding about the pith helmet, but make sure you have a wide-brimmed hat that ties under the chin. Or have a nifty, double-ended hat cord, clippy thing. Also the kinds of thing you'd buy from an outdoors or even sailing shop.

    Hope this helps. You will have a life-changing trip.


  • NormP.: The five locations for the private tour are: Monastery/Church of Santo Domingo, Church of San Francisco (including the catacombs), Lima Cathedral, Huaca Pucllana (may have lunch there), and the Barranco District. Apparently, it's difficult to get around to see some of these places, so the tour will work out fine. As you can see, I like churches. . . . The Santo Domingo monastery contains the tombs of Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres, and there's an artisan market across the street. The Barranco District is a "must see" location, very picturesque. I enjoy taking photos, so I'm looking forward to the visit. On Wednesday, we'll walk around Miraflores and hopefully see the Parque del Amor, Larcomar, Malecon and a couple of parks. Very ambitious, but who needs rest???

  • AHeltsley
    Your tour sounds like it goes to the important locations. We get to the hotel probably around noon on Sunday and plan to walk around Miraflores that afternoon. We hope to set up tours for Monday and Tuesday (if I ever hear from the hotel). We would like to see some of the churches, Indian markets, Mercado Indio and Mercado Surquillo. I’m also interested in textiles and decorative art/furniture. My husband is the photographer in the family.
    I don’t know how much free time we will after the lunch at the Peruvian horse ranch before we go to the Plaza Mayor once the Tauck tour starts on Wednesday.
    Usually we just walk around the different areas but Lima is too big to be able to do that.
    Our e-mail is [email protected] if you have any other suggestions or want to get together in advance of the Tauck tour.
  • NormP: I'll email you the contact info. for the hotel. Very helpful concierge.
  • Help, please.
    Did any of the posters get the Yellow Fever vaccination for the Peru/Galapagos Tour?
    The information on whether Ecuador requires a vaccination certificate for enrty is very confusing.
  • some suggestions for packing. For the airplane, I plan to wear may Scottevest (has lots of pockets so I can carry the contents of my purse, great for getting thru security), bring a small backack (for medication, snacks,reading material etc) and the Tauck duffel as carry on (for essential change of clothes and shoes in case my check-in bag is separated from us.) Fortunately, we are in Lima for a couple of days if this does happen. I am bringing Merrells and Nikes, a pair of inexpensive water shoes purchased at Target (also available from sporting goods stores...for less than $10) and a pair of cute flip flops for dinner wear which doubles as shower shoes/slippers. My husband likes his Keens for water landings and walking, he has some low-cut "no show socks" which makes them more comfortable for longer hikes. I do not find them comfortable.
    It sounds like the dress code is very casual and I plan to err on the side of casual and leave the dresses or coat and slacks at home. Luggage space too valuable!
    We did not get Yellow Fever vaccination, hope it is not required for our destinations since we are not going into the jungle, if any one knows differently, please post.
  • PeteB.: We did not get the yellow fever vaccination. We got the Tdap, Hep A & typhoid.

    I'm glad someone else will be using the Tauck duffel as carry-on. It weighs 2 lbs., lighter than my wheeled carry-on, and it holds more. I can't carry it though, so we'll be taking 1 wheeled carry-on and put the duffle on top.
  • Hey Folks

    We're leaving Sunday, May 20th - not arriving until late - but will have two full days before the tour really begins. After a fair amount of research we've just arranged a private guide & driver (based on a friend's recommendation) to see more of Lima on the 21st and to travel to see the Nasca Lines on the 22nd. There's so much to see and do in Peru it really depends on what you're into. If anyone wants to get together before we meet formally as a group we'll be in and out of the hotel and are more than willing to meet for drinks!

    We're looking forward to meeting all of you! Safe journey - happy trails!
    Heather White
  • We are leaving on the 19th and will probably get to the hotel about noon on Sun. Thanks to A Haltsley's help we booked private tours on Monday and Tuesday and will just explore the neighborhood of the hotel on Sunday afternoon.
    Leave us a msg and we can get together for drinks before the tour.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Has anyone heard how big the tour group is?
    Norman and Nancy Perry
  • We are arriving very early in the morning of the 19th and will probably rest up and then explore the Miraflores district. It appears that several of us will be there to get acquainted before the actual tour starts and it would be fun to meet for a drink. I am guessing that our group may have 40 travelers if we are the same group going on to the Galapagos, but one never knows if the tour company interfaces different tours.
    We are looking forward to meeting you, all fun loving travelers!

    Julie and Marvin Jungling
  • Shoes - my question is for anyone that's completed this tour to comment on suggestions for what types of footwear should be brought along. The preference is to do it with a minimal number of shoes that cover the water landings in the Galapagos, to touring in Lima, to hiking at Machu Picchu. I've seen lots of discussion, but it all seems to be from people prior to their trip. I'd like to hear how successful people's footwear was after the trip. Did they wish they had brought something different. Did they figure out they brought too many different types. Any help will be appreciated.
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