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  • Portolan said:

    We have made a bit of a game out of trying namesake foods when at the namesake locations

    In addition to five of the foods on your list, I can think of the following that we have done:

    Gouda cheese in Gouda (apparently pronounced HOW-da with the "H" sounding like you're trying to clear your throat)
    Neapolitan pizza in Naples
    A Weiner (the sausage) in Vienna (in addition to Weiner schnitzel)
    Several wines named after towns (Orvieto Classico, Chinon, etc.)
    Chicago Hot Dog in the Windy City (in addition to the deep-dish pizza)
    Pecorino Romano in Rome
    New York Bagels in the Big Apple
    Philadelphia cream cheese in Philadelphia
    Point Reyes Blue Cheese in Point Reyes, California
    My wife grew up on Cincinnati Chili in Cincinnati and I grew up on San Francisco Sourdough Bread in the Bay Area.

    Namesake foods I've intentionally passed on:

    Philadelphia scrapple (still not sure who eats that, but they still sell it)
    Brighton Rock (if you don't break a tooth, you'll rot it out)
    Olympia Oysters in Olympia, Washington (can't do the oyster thing)

    We found the Sacher Torte at the Sacher Hotel to be a bit dry. We liked the ones we used to get at Costco much better. :)

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    Boston Cream Pie
    Buffalo Wings
    Manhattan Clam Chowder
    New York Strip Steak (Manhattan)
    Coney Island Dog
    Hatch Chile (Hatch, New Mexico)

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