Where and on what trip was your favorite Tauck Farewell Dinner or Event ?

Our favorite Farewell Dinner event was in Jordan during the Israel and Jordan trip in 2018. Tauck set up tents at little Petra and all the buildings were illuminated with beautiful blue, yellow, purple etc. colors. We walked the carpets from the bus to our tables. As the wine flowed and the food came about the Jordanian soldiers (some with swords) and musicians entertained us. As the evening progressed, along with the wine, almost all the Taucktorians began marching with the soldiers in and around the tents and the tables. Some of the travelers even smoked the water pipes when asked. It was an unbelievable dinner event. The evening was perfect!



  • Virginia_Travelers - Where are your hookah pictures? Our trip was in the fall of 2019.

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    My favorite dinner might be the one from the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour in Bangkok, in 2017.

  • My favorite event (a non-itinerary special thing that Tauck did) was the parade/dinner at the Ram Bagh Palace in Jaipur, India. The parade, which was totally in our honor, included elephants, camels, horses, and musicians. We paraded to our dinner. The hotel guests lined up to watch this parade, wondering who we could be,

  • I didn't take any pics at the farewell dinners, but...

    Israel/Jordan is probably tied for first with Central Europe for me. That farewell dinner was in Lobkowicz Palace in Prague, hosted by the Czech prince with a Boston accent :)

    I don't remember many of them, so I guess they were nothing special. However, I do recall the nothing special farewell dinner in China, in one of the conference/banquet rooms in the hotel, hosted by my least favorite TD.

  • Smiling Sam
    Virginia_Travelers - Where are your hookah pictures? Our trip was in the fall of 2019.

    By that time of the evening I couldn't even hold a camera never mind taking a picture! Thanks for filling in for us !!

  • Smiling Sam - amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  • One of my favorite events was in 2003 on The Inside Salzburg and Vienna winter tour. There were only 16 of us. We attended a concert in Salzburg in the building that was the birthplace of Mozart. We met Dr. Josef Wallnig who was a Professor of Opera Studies at the University of Music Mozarteum and he was only 1 of 3 people in the world allowed to play music on Mozart's original instruments. After the concert we walked to the home of Professor and Frau Wallnig for light refreshments and cocktails. They were so gracious and had quite a collection of antique instruments and toys. We were all asked to write some responses to various questions from Professor Wallnig on a piece of paper and he gathered all of our responses and composed an original piece of music from those responses and played the piece on his piano. This was an incredible one week tour that Tauck sadly never renewed. We also had another event on the same trip where we visited a farm of a local family after visiting the Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf. One of our tour members suggested all of us singing Silent Night, the Tour Members in English and the local family members in Austrian. It was magical. Tauck really knows how to incorporate special and unique opportunities on their tours and that is what I feel really makes them stand out amongst the other Tour Companies.

  • Speaking of the hookah in Jordan, in our group, there was only one partaker of the hookah - a 30 year old with Rasta hair who I called Matisyahu at the beginning of the trip. As it turned out, we (me, Rasta and his father) became good friends and kept in touch after the trip. And, Rasta (not his name) is a musician and DID play with Matisyahu. :) For the non-hipsters reading this, if you've never heard of Matisyahu, google him. In a nutshell, he's an orthodox Jewish, reggae, hip-hop musician.

  • My favorite one so far was a private dinner cruise on the Seine for the Week in London and Paris tour. On the one hand it was "so touristy" but on the other hand it was undeniably beautiful and romantic.

  • This was not the farewell dinner, but it was a really fabulous dinner in Vienna on the Blue Danube river boat tour.

  • Derek - that is truly amazing. We will certainly remember that when we do the BSAZ trip. Proves you never know what Tauck has planned.

  • My favorite farewell dinner was in Auckland, New Zealand at the end of the Grand Australia and New Zealand tour. I can't remember much about the dinner itself, but the comradely was great. We were all at the same table which seemed the perfect way to celebrate a wonderful tour.

  • CVC - fun photo. Apparently everyone had a great time on the trip!

  • That last photo is a great example of the men not wearing jackets

  • Northern India and Nepal. A sundowner event on the shores of the Narayani River in Chitwan National Park Nepal.

    Plenty of beer and wine was available.

    Arrival at the sundowner

  • Lots of wonderful meals food-wise on Tauck tours. One of my favorites was the Welcome dinner to start the England Scotland Wales tour at the Sheraton Edinburgh where we were piped into the dinner by a kilted gentleman followed by the presentation of a haggis and recitation of an Ode.

  • Claudia - Any Scottish dancing as well. We had the piper, haggis ceremony, and lots of Scottish dancers. To my surprise I enjoyed the taste of haggis. I was expecting a Vegemite/Marmite experience.

  • Don't remember any dancers then. Thought haggis was underwhelming and not anything I ever wanted to try again. The next night at the Whisky Experience dinner the chicken stuffed with vegetarian haggis was delicious.

  • Scotch whiskey covers a multitude of sins!

  • ESW in 2019... Scotch was great the Haggis nit do much!!!!

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    It looks a lot like the Polish KISHKA....or blood pudding. I can't stomach that and we are Polish!

  • Did you know that ‘true’ haggis is illegal in the U.S.?

  • Have any of you eaten the British Black pudding? Delicious! What about tripe and onions, streak and kidney pie with mushy peas, brawn, tongue, toad in the hole....miss them all!

  • Alan, great pictures as always. That haggis looks as revolting as the one we had. Like a large grey slimy egg plant.

    Sealord, it's illegal to import it. It's to do with sheep's lungs being a food safety risk. You can make your own or apparently buy lung free haggis.

    Yes, British I tried blood pudding and not a fan. Surprisingly I did really like mushy peas. Willing to give toad in the hole a try.

    I do believe you should at least give things a try even if you're reluctant to. Might surprise yourself and like it - or not.

  • Love Black Pudding. The first time I tasted that dish was in Ireland. Wonderful. Love mushy peas also. Not a big fan of tongue. My Mom used to make that and I tried to eat it but the mental picture of what it was deterred me from taking another bite. I have tasted haggis in Scotland and I remember them being quite tasty. I haven't tried the other dishes you listed, British, but I am always open to trying new food. When traveling thru Thailand, our Tour Director (not a Tauck Tour) advised we would have STAR meat for dinner. Little did I know that spelled backwards, it stood for "rats". That is one type of protein I never thought I would try, however, when in Rome as the saying goes. It was prepared on a grill and "wait for it", it tasted like chicken.

  • I came upon a bit of food trivia recently. Apparently back in the 70s the US army conducted a food preference survey and invented a couple of "foods". Funistrada along with a fake vegetable dish called "buttered ermal" and a fake meat dish called "braised trake" were inserted "to provide an estimate of how much someone will respond to a word which sounds like a food name or will answer without reading." Funistrada scored higher in popularity than eggplant, lima beans, and cranberry juice. All three items, however, had the highest percentage of "never tried" responses. Thus the human mind (and taste buds) at work.

  • Let's talk "pudding"! How about Sticky Toffee Pudding, always great, especially so at the Bushmills Inn in Ireland! :)

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