Can't Believe This Actually Happened on a Tauck Trip !

The purpose of this discussion is let others know of meeting a fellow Taucktorian on a trip that in some way was a deja vu of sorts. Whether meeting someone from a previous trip, from school, the military, or your local gym. Discussions can also speak of a place that you have returned too after many years that brings back memories of how it has changed. It's an open discussion.

Here is our story! Our first Tauck trip was in 2017 on the "Spotlight on Australia" trip that no longer exists. During our ferry boat ride from shore to the Great Barrier Reef so we could snorkel, my wife and I sat next to 2 Taucktorians that we hadn't really gotten to know well yet during the trip. As we got to know each other better during the hour long ride we discovered that the two guys were retired military officers. I am retired Navy and my fellow Taucktorian Norman was a retired Marine. We chatted about our tours and duty stations and found out we were on the same ship in San Diego - USS NEW ORLEANS (LPH-11), during the same Western Pacific cruise in 1975 ! I was a boot Ensign and Norman was a Marine Second Lieutenant. We most likely ate meals and watched movies in the same wardroom within arms reach of each other over 40 years earlier! The two ladies were in disbelief and so were we.


  • My small world experience occurred on our 2015 Classic Italy trip. Sitting at dinner at the Osteria Romana in Rome we were paired with two other couples. As we exchanged pleasantries and learned about each other, I was surprised to find that one of the women had attended my college and was one year ahead of me. Making this even more amazing is that we lived in the same dorm on the same floor! I was a freshman and she was a sophomore. While we knew some of the same people we do not remember ever meeting each other. The following year she studied abroad and when she returned we were in different dorms with different majors.

  • My husband likes to tell people that he aways meets someone he knows when he travels. While this is an exaggeration, this has happened on two Tauck trips.

    In 2012 we finished our Spain tour at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. When we were at breakfast one of our fellow travelers came over and said that she had approached a man whom she thought was my husband from the back. She was embarrassed. A few minutes later she came back astonished and said that my husband knew the man. We found out that he worked with the man in Boston. He had come over on an overnight flight and was having breakfast prior to a business meeting.

    The second encounter was in Venice at the end of our Croatia tour in 2017. While waiting at the Metropole for our water taxi to take us to the airport, a man was in the lobby with his two children. He recognized my husband. He was the outside accountant for my husband's company!

  • We have met people we know all over the world. Former colleagues, several of those, former boyfriend, My husband has even met a man in another country who knew his father. We were also on a Tauck tour when we realized we had taken a tour with another couple that was there. We met a couple at the airport on the way to a Tauck that we had been on another Tauck tour with them, we were both going back to Africa but on different tours. We have even met Sealord, but he was going on his first Africa tour, K and T and we were going on our third, Tanzania Zanzibar. The first night was in the same hotel.

  • I was on the Antarctica tour in December 2019, and got to know a couple fairly well. We even exchanged information and stayed in periodic contact afterwards. The following year I was on the "Cape Cod, the Islands, and Newport" tour. I stayed an extra day in Boston at the end of the tour because I have family in the area. As I was standing outside my hotel waiting for my relatives to pick me up, who should casually stroll by but that very couple from the Antarctica tour! After getting over the initial shock, we spent a few minutes catching up. They had just concluded a cruise with another company. Small world indeed!

  • I’ve never met anyone I knew on a Tauck tour, but I have met people all over the world that we knew. I was once in a hotel bar in Stratford on Avon and saw that the only other customer was someone I knew. So I went up and said, “Where do I know you from?” He said, “I’m Lee Skar. I was your electronic evaluator on your EA-3 crew in the Navy.”
    He had met a woman in England on a Navy tour, married her, and emigrated to England.

  • Our Israel and Jordan tour, in 2019, came across Rob Gronkowski, a NE Patriot and Tampa Bay tight end ( a future hall of farmer ) at Masada in Israel. Another small world incident!

  • We had a lady on a river cruise that looked like Hillary Clinton though we knew it wasn't her. Were tempted to mention the likeness to her but she was from Texas and we were nervous of her reaction. B)

  • Not a Tauck story, but after med school, I had a few months free before starting internship. I did the classic backpack/Eurailpass trip through Europe. Started by flying into London. About a month later, while walking down the streets of Vienna, ran into another classmate.

  • We had just finished Tauck's Iceland tour and were in line to board our plane home. A woman I had worked with a few years before my retirement was just ahead of us in line.

  • Kind of a reverse story...Two years ago this month, I did Tauck's tour to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. A couple of weeks after returning home, I was visiting my daughter, who lives in Manhattan. We were at a Saturday afternoon matinee, sitting very close to the stage. Before the performance started, I stood up and turned around to survey the theater and noticed a woman sitting in the row behind me, but a couple of seats over. My first thought was, "She looks like Jill from the trip." Then I saw the man sitting next to her, and realized that it was her husband, John, and knew that it really was Jill. We had a nice quick conversation before the play began. That evening, my daughter and I had a prearranged dinner with another woman from that trip, along with her daughter, at a Vietnamese restaurant in the city. So it was quite a reunion weekend.

  • Classic Italy in 2018, we had made a boat stop in Cinque Terre for a fabulous seafood lunch. I was walking up the hill to catch the train back to our hotel and heard my name coming from the crowd. Turned around and saw friends that my hustand and had met on a 2009 trip to Fiji and Tahiti. We instantly connected with them and learned that they lived within 50 miles of where we lived. We kept in touch with Christmas cards. Had no idea they were even in Italy! A God Wink, for sure because since that 2009 trip, my husband had passed away. I am sure seeing these travel acquaintances half way around the world as a solo traverler was no coincidence!

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