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  • What an informative webinar! Tauck was transparent and sincere in their attempt to apprise us of the possibility of future travel. No, of course they could not answer specific questions about our trips. We need to think globally and cease with the "well, what about MY trip?" They, in my opinion, are doing the best they can. Disagree if you wish, but please think about the logistics involved in their sincere attempt to welcome us back to all their tours. May your trips come to fruition.

  • A couple of days ago, Tauck called us to say one of the flights for our July Scandinavia tour had been cancelled. It was an American air flight and any change within AA would have meant an overnight stay in London, so the Tauck agent suggested a United flights entailing a change in Frankfurt. We said, ok, there isn’t a problem traveling to Germany as long as we stay airside, no she said......when I clicked on expanded info that has just appeared on the Tauck website yesterday, I discovered that even if you are just flying in to Germany and staying airside, you need to provide a Covid test that is no longer than 48 hours old WHEN YOU LAND! I’m not sure how we go about getting tested in time. We have only been tested once when my husband woke up with a headache and sore throat and slight fever. We both went for testing. Results took several days and even though we were both tested within minutes of each other, one test came back fourteen hours after the other. Of course they were negative.
    We don’t want to cancel, we want Tauck to do that. We told the agent there is no way this tour will go in mid July, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are not letting American in, their vaccinations are almost zero. But the agent insists our tour will not be canceled. She admitted some guests have moved to 2022, the equivalent tour date for next year is already full anyway
    I asked at what point would the tour be cancelled for lack of people on the tour, I said, for example, what if it was just say fifteen people, she said the tour would go. I am so over wanting to go on this tour. We have a family vacation booked on the return date of the Scandinavia tour now. It’s silly, but my main concern is finding and getting the timing of a Covid test right, Rapid tests are not acceptable and you have to provide paper and electronic record with all correct info about you.
    Who knows whether other flights will be cancelled and leave us stranded and trying to find testing to get back into the US

  • I was under the impression Tauck doesn't cancel tours for low enrollment. Is that not correct?

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    AlanS - I can't decide which most reminds me of you: the professor from Gilligan's Island, the Absent Minded Professor, or the Nutty Professor. I guess, The Absent Minded Professor since he got a car to fly.

  • BKMD, We had Singapore cancelled for lack of participation and so did Smarks, same tour different date. I’ve spoken to other people on tours who have had their original tour date cancelled and they have been asked to change to another date. Tauck are usually generous when they do this, they gave us money to make up the change in price of our flight and and some cash, can’t remember how much, maybe $500. That was one of the amounts that went into our ‘Wallet’ that disappeared when our first Covid tour was cancelled, we had applications it to that tour and it could not be used again , only once.

  • I agree LBerger, look how many people lied to jump vaccination lines.

  • Yes, Claudia's summary was excellent. I did put a question in the chat, and it was answered immediately in the chat. The answer was: Solo travelers will be permitted to eat with other guests on the tour. We won't have to have our own tables.

  • On my Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia trip (it was a classic regular group), there were only 8 guests in total. I had been very concerned that TAUCK would cancel the trip due to so few guests, but they reassured me multiple times, that the trip not be cancelled. And it wasn’t!! I had a fabulous trip but 8 was a bit small!!

  • MCD, NancyCohen, BKMD, etal - All of you forum regulars that I think are 'single' travelers should get in cahoots to go on a tour together. Wouldn't that be something. I'd love to hear the stories of that tour after the fact. Perhaps a Small Ship Cruise. We call it Tauck's Love Boat. OK - the Love Boat thing is a bit cheesy. Still it would be an interesting experiment for a tour if all travelers were single travelers.

  • Sam - You would have to come , too, as chaperone and after-hours activities director. :)

    That said, I wouldn't do a cruise tour. I've expressed my dislike for them in the past. However, an interesting idea for a land tour. I'm doing my next, currently scheduled trip (Japan) with my daughter and her live-in boyfriend in Apr 2022. Then, scheduled as a solo on Egypt-Jewels of the Nile in late Oct 2022. If things are truly back to normal in 2022, I could see putting a third trip in between those two during summer, but in a northern location to avoid the heat, such as ESW (cancelled once in 2020) or Russia and the Baltics.

  • Our K&T 6/26 was canceled yesterday. We rebooked for 2022, and then booked a Caribbean cruise on the Star Breeze for late June.

  • So sorry to hear Sealord. But I want a postcard from the Carribbean!

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