Tauck's Updated Travel Policy (July 29, 2021)



  • Every insurance for which you pay a premium and don't collect benefits is "lost."

  • Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop - I appreciate your updates.

  • Just updated, all tours cancelled up to March 31st apart from one called Southern charms. Then for tours until end of June, you have to pay in full thirty days before...

  • Africa has been canceled until late May or early June.

  • I called Tauck on Wed my trip is end of May river cruise, I asked if I could move it again this will be 3rd time first two were on Tauck, but was told I need to wait unless I want to lose money on what I have already fully paid back in 2019. Told them I am not booking airfare and really do not want to go anyway whether we get vaccinated or not. Viking just cancelled all their trips through June. Worried and anxiety through the roof.

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    Catsoos, Tauck will cancel your tour. Don’t worry. And when they do, ask for all your money back. They should keep your insurance in a Dreamsaver. But right now, it’s best to withhold as much money as you can so it is in your control and if you can put it into the stock market, it should make money for you. The market made all its way back up after the fall last year and more! Of course, speak to your financial advisor about how best to do it.
    As far as I understand, Viking doesn’t give any money back, just credits to future tours, so they really are not that wonderful. If I see them spending any more money advertising on PBS I’ll go nuts and I don’t know how I got on their mailing list pushing their phoney 2 for 1 deals

  • Viking's refund policy has been very similar to Tauck's. I am commenting from experience - we had two Tauck tours cancelled because of Covid, one fully paid for; and one Viking trip that was paid in full. Both Viking and Tauck were very quick with the refunds.

  • Latest Travel and Health Information ( UPDATED 3 March 2021 ).

  • CATSOOS, which river cruise are taking in May? We have a land tour and the Douro River cruise booked for the middle of May but haven't heard a word from our Bon Voyage travel agent other than to wait for Tauck to cancel both trips.


  • I am waiting for Japan to cancel our Essence of Japan May 6, 2021 tour. Our Travel Agent has not heard from them.

  • It is still relatively a long way off, they are likely very busy still calling about April cancellations.

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    New 9 March Update:

    As most expected:

    "we have decided to cancel all tours through April 30, 2021, with the exception of a few select departures of our Southern Charms and New Orleans & Mississippi River Country itineraries."

    Isn't New Orleans & Mississippi River Country new?

    We also received our expected call from Tauck about the cancellation of our 20 May Treasures of the Aegean- Windstar Cruises extended their "no sail" period into June.

  • They told us all tours were canceled two weeks ago.

  • Well we have an Italy trip leaving May 5th. I do not know if keeping my fingers crossed will be enough

  • We are going on the May 10th Canyonlands tour. No word yet on cancellation. We had a May Hawaii cruise on Norwegian. They have cancelled twice on us. I hope this trip doesn't get cancelled! I have already had granddaughter tears over the cancelled Hawaii trips! I would hate to disappoint her again !

  • Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at Tauck? Are you still in business? I've been on hold for close to an hour on several occasions. Emails are not answered either. I would hate to have to cancel what would've been my 14th trip with you.

  • We got the same email. Our travel agent generally contacts Tauck for us...I think they have direct lines for TA's. I usually hear back from him with an answer in a very short time. Just a thought if you use a travel agent!

  • They do have direct lines for travel agents. Last week my travel agent got through to Tauck and got back to me within minutes of my phone call to her.

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    I called Tauck 10 days ago and left a call back message. Still waiting.....

    Follow up:
    Now April, I don't think they will call me back.

  • I got the email yesterday, did everyone else get it? But having to wait until May to improve phone service is not exactly wonderful but I guess people need training. I hope we get an experienced agent when we get our calls, we had trouble in the past with one agent saying one thing and the next saying something different

  • No email yesterday for me. And no problems with telephone access, dealing thru a TA.

  • I also received the email, but got through on the phone line the first time I called a couple of weeks ago. I selected “make a new reservation “ and had an agent respond immediately.

  • I got the email. I also choose the “If you have recently completed a trip ...” option. I get through right away. (;-)

  • They called me and they worked through rescheduling until April 2022 any increase to price/insurance was taken from my Wallet. Sad but more time for me to get into better shape (trying to be positive)

  • Just checked the travel policy that was updated yesterday. Tauck is looking into the possibility of resuming cruises to Iceland and Greece, but other than those, they have now cancelled land tours and cruises to Europe through June 30.

  • We would have/should have been departing for Athens in a tad over 5 weeks. :(

  • I fully agree with Christopher! We shall see if Tauck will subscribe to a COVID-19 vaccine requirement. I know of at least one tour conductor that requires it and so do the big cruise lines. 🤞🤞

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