How many opportunities will there be for laundry or do it your self laundries on this trip?


  • Well, not too many if I'm reading the details in the travel documents that have recently arrived for my own September trip. In the what to take section they suggest enough clothes to last through the national parks. I always wash as I go ... you have to if you are travelling for 5/6 weeks at a time! I assume you've checked out the individual hotel web sites, so I won't double up on that, but I would have thought you'd find a laundry in Vegas, but of course that's at the end of the trip. Very helpful! And in Moab, too, I'd think... because that hotel bills itself as a family-friendly destination. Bound to be facilities there, but that's not much use either, because it's at the start of the trip!

    Sounds like there's a lot of hand-washsing in our future, to me ....


  • I took the Spirit of the Dessert trip. The only place to do laundry was at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You have to go to the camp grounds.

  • Hi rbatche,

    Jan is correct, only 2 hotels offer laundry service the Sorrel Ranch in Moab, UT and the hotels in Las Vegas . That being said, in case you have a laundry emergency, please let your tour director know so he/she can help you accordingly.

    Hope you have a wonderful time,
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