Is horseback riding a possibility on Day 4 before the flight to Bryce?

We are doing the "Spirit of the Desert" tour on Sept. 27th. The detailed itinerary indicates "some free time" in the morning before heading to Bryce but I don't know if there is enough time to schedule a trail ride at 8:30 AM that morning and be done in time to join the tour for lunch and the flight. I would greatly appreciate hearing from someone who knows the timing so I will know how to pack. Thanks! Penny


  • I have not done this tour, however whenever I had a question about the timing of something on other tours, I called Tauck directly. They usually have a general idea of timing for all the tours so they could give you a better idea. You might get an answer quicker with a phone call than waiting for someone to respond since your tour is only a few weeks away.
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