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  • Mil, ddi you see the video I posted a link to of Qatar air?

  • Hi lady B.
    No, I haven't seen the video, where is it?

  • milmil
    edited November 2021

    just founded, let me see it.
    I saw it, Thanks. I do follow those guys, the are hilarious and give great info. sometimes there is a 3rd one that goes with them.
    I know Qatar is excellent and actually they have a great schedule, but even though at 1st. we considered the lady that is traveling with me will not flight with them- religious/ maybe some political issues with whom they support in the middle east/Israel conflict. so Qatar is not an option... and also the $$ is a little more than Emirates.
    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Mil, you could always travel separately and meet up 😀

  • If you've flown Qatar once, there's nothing in that video that you don't already know. Even if you haven't flown Qatar, I'm not sure it adds a whole lot. Qatar is a superior flying experience and beats Emirates in my humble opinion. The Q suites are outstanding. But they do still have some of the side by side business class configurations in service much to my dismay. Or they did in November 2019 which is the last long haul flight I've taken (Bali to Doha). Fortunately the Doha to Boston leg was in Q suite. Cannot wait to back on the circuit. But am waiting for things to be not such a hassle with flight changes, testing requirements, and obnoxious passengers.

  • .... How much are you willing to pay for Status? I may have fancy shoes... but 7K for a seat on a plane that for $1700 will take me to the same place... sounds silly.

    mil...It was nice of you to consider flying from JFK to be with your friend, but I'm with British--Can you travel separately and meet-up with your travel partner?

    I watched several videos of the Qatar Q-Suite and overall excellent service provided. They have been ranked #1 again this year.

    I am looking forward to flying Qatar for my December Jordan-Eqypt tour. Yes, the cost was more than the other airlines, but the travel schedule was best for me. Also, I waited much longer to book my flight as I was considering changing my travel to next year in anticipation of the opening of the GEM. Waiting on my part is probably what contributed to some of the higher fare cost.

    If given the choice, I choose luxury and comfort over cost. I always say, money is the easiest asset to replace. I'm petite, but I cannot fathom flying 17 hours on one leg of my journey in an economy seat--but that's just me :)

    Also, don't forget about the other services offered with Business/First class flying. In addition to the use of lounges, if there are any schedule changes, Business class fares will be accommodated first and quickly, before they even think about assisting the economy fare passengers.

    You mentioned being able to purchase a business class lounge pass. Keep in mind lounge access/capacity may be limited due to the epidemic. The airlines will accommodate the business class flyers first.

    In these times of flying, I want all of the creature comforts and services available to ensure I have the best travel experience. My vacation begins when I arrive at the airport....just my thoughts...

  • PureLuxury - If given the choice, I choose luxury and comfort over cost.

    Again, as I stated in another thread, it seems light a private jet is the best choice for you!!! :D:D

  • Hello, everyone..

    OK, let me give an update on the Biz Vs Eco. situation... Since I've reached a middle ground compromise! :)

    I'm flying Seattle- Dubai economy14h. flight ,no big deal I'm used to it. (I always book the equivalent to economy Plus, small area between Biz-Econ. only 8 rows..) Boeing 777-300 er doesn't have Economy Plus .

    Once we arrive in Dubai - we'll spend 2 full days ( Living La Vida Loca!) ,my friend is meeting me in Dubai- she flies from NY.
    after those 2 days we fly to Lusaka 7h. flight- both flying economy. .

    Finally ,on our way back, "I ", fly from Cape T.- to Dubai 9h. - then 2 hours layover and on to Seattle -14 hours, ALL BUSINESS !!
    This is the stretch that I consider too long... , so I opted for comfort first.
    Grand total $3...K .
    It may not be a great deal, but better then the initial 7K with the least amount of layovers... in the best airline. :)))

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