Blue Danube River cruise May 2022 Covid questions

Trip planned Prague to Budapest May 30. What is it like now there and restrictions? Also have people booked air already? via Tauck or independent wondering if Covid cancel issue. Thanks!


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    I understand you're looking forward to the cruise and want some assurance but at this point nothing anyone can tell you now can you count on for May of next year. Covid infections can change the medical situation and what restrictions or requirements will be in place. You're just going to have to keep tracking it and hope for the best.

    On airfare,yes most have likely booked theirs by now unless they're hoping for a last minute cheap economy flight. Booking with Tauck air gives you protection you'll get your money back in case the tour gets canceled but may not be the best rate or routing. Hopefully you purchased the Guest Protection from Tauck. Even if you plan to book with Tauck, I'd recommend starting to research flights and airline refund policies now on your own. Lots to consider - price, seat options, routing, arrival times, etc.

    Best of luck.

  • Review my recent post. Just did Blue Danube Cruise October 2021.

  • TCC: I would call Tauck today and book your air. If you find something better later, you can cancel your Tauck air reservations without penalty. But … if you find better prices on the same Tauck flights, be sure to cancel Tauck first as the airlines don’t deal well with ‘double’ bookings.

  • Thank you. Good suggestion. what's interesting/restrictive is that the money for trip with air if book with them is dues FOUR months in advance yet I have a friend taking a Tauck land tour with $ due only TWO months in advance.....

  • River and ship cruises always had to be paid four months out. Land tours three months. For this year, only, it was changed to 60 days.
    Some people say Tauck fares are more expensive. Our latest tour, the Tauck price is less, not much, but it is less. It’s always worth researching. Prices for flying are so high right now. Flights are being canceled and changed. Just had it happen again for our tour in February.

  • thank you for info. so flights being sounds like best to do thru Tauck.

    any info about restrictions on the tour? masks all the time? how often tested etc?

  • I think you have to call Tauck on this as it appears to vary depending on country and local rules, even down to the people on your tour. I’m going to wear a mask on my tours, whatever. Don’t want to get a breakthrough positive case while out of the country

  • We were tested five times on our recent Tauck small ship tour. Tauck and Ponant took care of all the arrangements.

  • Thanks for info. if 5X on the ship must mean every 3 days or so. Then wearing masks. honestly quite different experience than past river cruises we took. the socializing and eating with people etc on board; I also avoid the PCR tests and can do saliva; am wondering if land tours might be less onerous or just focus on staying in the US to avoid all this. we travel and live in USA with none of this. it's the the way it is now but certainly not the same experience as past. thank you

  • another question--did anyone test positive while you were on trip and what happened re quarantine?

  • On the ship we dined with other people, and only wore masks in public areas when not eating nor drinking. We wore masks on buses and while indoors. On the days prior to or after the cruise, you used your own best judgement.

  • Ditto what Sealord has reported regarding masks. My Tauck cruise was Portugal & Spain in late August. At one sitting we had PCR for one nostril and rapid for the other. Rapid was to board the ship and PCR was to enter Gibraltar 2 days later. PCR is preferable regarding accuracy. All testing, including at our Barcelona hotel prior to returning to the US, was arranged by Tauck. Tauck paid for the medical staff services but participants paid the lab fee.

  • TCC, The frequency of the testing is more likely to be as you pass through different countries with different rules.
    I’m not quite sure whether you are nervous about traveling during a pandemic of object to all the testing and mask wearing.
    Land tours should be strict, after all, you don’t know who you are mixing with. When Tauck originally established their new Covid rules, they promised that everyone would be wearing masks on the tours. That seems to have changed somewhat, now saying depending on local regulations. I’ll be wearing a mask, I might even ask to eat separately from others, I think you can make a choice on that. In view of yet another variant, I’ll certainly be thinking the same.
    As far as traveling in the US, I’ve had four vacations around country this year, first, Charleston SC during the halcyon days of May when everyone who was sensible had had their vaccines and thought they would be immune. Consequently, our first experienced of dining out was in a very busy restaurant and no one was wearing masks, not even the servers, it was very unnerving. Then, In September when it was obvious that there were increasing breakthrough infections, our very expensive hotel, none of the staff wore Masks.
    Next was Chicago, all staff in the Four Seasons wore masks and most of the Public, as soon as they entered an indoor space around the city, they put their mask on, very impressive.
    Finally, Orlando, Florida. The Ritz Carlton, all staff wore masks, I don’t think I saw the nose or mouth of any staff member the entire week. Everywhere else, including the airport, disasterous! And for the second time on the four flights I have taken this year, not everyone on the plane was wearing masks, and yes, one of them, yet again, was sitting next to us.

  • very good comments and makes sense....what do the local places require? ie I know a friend who lives in Munich said yesterday NO masks in public just when going in to restaurants and on public transit. I will look to see which countries the Danube cruise travels through and their requirements

    Now with new variant shall see. I do think based on the short history of this pandemic, going during warm months or warm places it is better--dine outside, river boat has lots of outside space

    Thank you!

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