Positive COVID-19 test before returning to US from tours abroad.

By now there must be quite a few completed foreign tours.Can any one share their experience of having had positive COVID-19 test before their return to US?


  • We were all negative on both our Sep tours. Tauck did sent an email out a few weeks ago saying something like - of 10s of thousands of guests that traveled with them in 2021 they only had 10 positive cases. Is so, and given that most Tauck travelers don't bother with the forum, the odds are low that anyone will have first hand knowledge of this.

  • Thanks Claudia! Since most Tauck guests are vaccinated or it is a requirement for travel,one would expect the positive tests to be a small fraction.But my question is their experience after testing positive?how did Tauck help?Even if we assume they were properly insured.Selfish reason for this information because we are planning to travel in December.

  • Sudamali -- On our "Adriatic Treasures," we had to be tested before entering Italy, and because the tour spent less than 24 hours in Italy, few of us had to be retested for the trip home. Tauck arranged for technicians to come to our hotel in Rovinj, Croatia, and our Tour Director had the results (all negative) within a couple of hours. At the farewell dinner in Venice, he gave each of us our form showing that we were negative.

  • mil - Sadly, you are correct. There are, however, many who use the forum for what it was intended...a place to share travel experiences.

  • One thing that would help the forum is bringing back the Disagree flag, BUT making both Disagree and Flag users identified, just like Like. And if anyone abuses Flag, they should be booted from the site. Just in cause Tauck is reading...

  • BKMD - If I recall correctly, some individuals did not like the disagree function and were successful in having it removed. As you know, I would always state why I disagreed with a post and would try do so in a respectful manner, only to be verbally attacked (not by you). When you, sir, accused me of being the "phantom flagger", I admitted that upon occasion, I would flag and I gave specific examples of why I flagged. As you and others are well aware of, that led to one individual posting a two page rant against me. Fortunately Tauck immediately intervened and removed the offensive manifesto of utter hate.

    That being said, it is my opinion that if we all acted like adults and treated everyone with respect and civility, there would be no need to have any "buttons" to push at all. This is a travel forum, not a grade school playground. Nor is it a political forum; neither is it the place to prove one's self worth.

    I do thank you again for your previous apology. Let's just try to remember the purpose of this site. Isn't the objective to travel and enjoy each other's experiences?

    Best wishes.

  • There was rarely any non-travel talk until travel stopped. Now that it's starting up again, hopefully it will revert back to 100% travel talk.

  • I think you are correct, BKMD. I have seen more and more newcomers joining this forum wishing to share their experiences. So very refreshing!

  • Mil, please remember the wonderful help you have had on the forum in the past. It far outweighs negative

  • Well did not realize my question will bring out so many issues.Understand the rules for quarantine in a foreign place if one tests positive before coming back.But hearing from someone who has gone through that disruption would be valuable.

  • Sudhamali,

    Your question did not bring out any issues at all. It was a valid question. The issue was a discussion regarding forum etiquette. I apologize for any confusion.

  • I wish there was a thread devoted to packing. After being grounded for 2 years, I'm at a complete loss. I've lost my packing mojo! During lockdown, I bought way too many items (hey - they WERE on sale!); now I'm in a state of confusion. Leaving for Morocco next week...😬

  • SGF - there have been several threads, or at least absconded threads, discussing packing, packing cubes, etc. I believe you're better served starting your own new thread, placing it in the General area, asking whatever you would like about packing. Then your responses will be on point to the subject that started the thread (until it diverges, as most do, and isn't :D ).

    In addition, then you might get more responses because the thread subject that everyone sees will be about packing, which might get more interest than a thread about positive Covid tests.

  • Packing is often trip-specific. Packing for Antarctica would be a little different than packing for Morocco.

    For Morocco, all you need is flip flops and shorts :)

  • Morocco, can I come with you!

  • Sam's right, SGF. Start a thread. It will be popular. We've all got lessons learned on that one. It's discussed a lot on the Rick Steve's forum but they're very dedicated to the carryon only model which doesn't always translate here.

  • Can you believe this

    Dutch Covid case: Escaped couple fight quarantine in TB ward https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-59473067

  • Oh my goodness, British !! What a nightmare. This is why I have absolutely no desire to travel outside the US at this time. Everyone has gone mad. This virus will continue to mutate and we are going to have to learn to live with it using whatever tools are at our disposal, vaccines, masks, etc. I sure hope things begin to settle soon, as this Virus hit 2 months after I retired. Kudos to the Tauck travelers that have continued to travel during these uncertain times, however, for me personally the risks are just too stressful. I will wait it out but the years go by quickly and I only have a limited time to be able to travel before age and health issues will surely crop up, which actually they already have. I have had terrible pain over the last year and difficulty walking and recently received confirmation by my Doctor that I need to have a hip replacement within the next few months. Everything was going great until I retired at the end of 2019. LOL. Should have continued working. All about timing I guess. I am so happy and blessed that I was able to travel to many countries over the years while I was young and in good health. Do it while you can.

  • British:What a horrific situation!We had also originally decided not to test fate and travel in 2021;however when the wait list opened up we were tempted;the first tour was Royal Danube in October which we postponed to next year.The second one that opened up is coming up in 2 days to Galapagos;the drama has already started with Ecuador now requiring Negative PCR test in addition to full vaccination as of Dec 1!Tauck called us this AM .So the test is no longer optional.We did make a run to the airport testing center for the rapid test.Ready for the flight tomorrow .Keeping my fingers crossed!

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