When is a good time to go on this tour?

Wondering when is the best time to go on this trip for 2013? We could do from about mid June to end of Sept, but which is best weather-wise and whale-watching-wise? Thanks!


  • I went in early July. The weather was hot, without being unbearable. I think the hottest days was at Provincetown. I didn't go on the whale-watching trip because I've done that kind of thing before, but my fellow travellers said the saw lots of whales. I'm sure if you googled whale migration patterns off Cape Cod, you'd find the prime watching times of the year.


  • I live near Cape Cod and we had an unusually hot summer this year. One never knows what the summer will bring in New England. Sometimes it can be very rainy. I would say, however, for whale watching that July and especially August is probably the best. The trip you mentioned would be lovely also in the fall. Spring around here can be cool and unpleasant up until the end of May. Not sure about whale watching in the fall. I would guess not as much because the Atlantic waters will start to cool down.
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