Which one to take....Incas or Essence?

I am trying to plan a trip to South America and cannot decide which of these two to take!! I love the adventure of the "different" trips. Love nature, hands on activities, outdoor activities and the like. I'm interested in going into the villages and visiting the people, the craft shops, and experiencing the natural habitats versus touring the big cities and the busy tourist attractions. Both of these trips sound so interesting even though I worry about the height issue and not wanting to feel ill all the time. Can anyone give me a suggestion?


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    Whatever you decide, Dartmom, rule out the altitude issue by taking the medication.

    Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner. Seek advice from a professional! Then take the advice.

    I just took the Spirit of the Desert trip to the National Parks of the South West of the US. I realise we are not discussing the same altitude, but it is all relative. To you. Everyone is different. I know that I don't do well at altitude. I have a history of knowing that. I have laboured through many Tauck trips at lower altitudes & it has been awful & very dispiriting. Other travellers who aren't so afflicted are oblivious to your issues. It is an individual thing. Some people are just fine. (They might live at an altitude higher than sea level ... like me.)

    I was very concerned about how I'd deal with the altitude in Utah & Arizona. Upshot... I went to my doctor, explained how altitude has effected me. She gave me a prescription. It was a wonderful trip & I could breath and walk up hills ... even little ones. The best views are always over there... just a little bit further.... usually with a slope involved..... Granted, fizzy drinks tasted very odd, but heck, I could deal with that. My finger tips tingled a bit, but I could breath! Again, be aware. Do your research. Seek medical advice. But I got to 9000 feet! Other people on my trip sat on their cabin porches. Again, disclaimer, yadda, yadda.

    I now have the courage to consider my life-long dream of visiting Manchu Pichu. Yadda, yadda, etc. ...

    So my advice is to eliminate what you can, then concentrate on the choice of destination. Take care with the dosage. Be aware of the instructions. Then sit back and enjoy the trip. (If you start out being totally unfit, you still won't be able to climb mountains in minutes. If ever. Just saying.)


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