Sydney Bridge Climb

Looking for feedback on doing the Sydney Bridge Climb! Is it worthwhile? Has anyone done the twilight climb or the night climb? What were your impressions? Thank-you


  • We are doing it on April 17, 2013. Second time for one of us. If you search for "Sydney Bridge Climb Reviews" several comment forums are available. The negatives almost always are about cost. (Well you know the cost before you go so that should not be such a big surprise!) I would also suggest you read all their conditions and terms. Trip Advisor has many reviews at: Hope this helps.
  • I did not do it on my recent trip, but a few did and they thought it was worth it. All depends on you and what you like to do. I did a helicopter ride to glacier on day of milford sound. Was the most exciting thing I ever did and most scariest thing I ever did. The bus dropped those of us that did it at the helicopter pad and picked us up further down the road 30 minutes later.

    This trip was the trip of my dreams and it lived up to it.
  • We just returned from the Grand Australia & New Zealand trip. It was wonderful! We climbed the Sydney Bridge and it was well worth it. We did not make reservations ahead of time because there is no refund in case something comes up at the last minute to prevent the climb. The Concierge at the hotel made our reservations and when we got there they had an earlier opening. We experienced no problems making the reservations through the hotel and actually did so the day of our climb. Be prepared for a thrill!
  • JJB...thank-you for your reply.
  • You need reservations if you want the twilight, because it is the most popular. Also, if going in summer it might be harder to get reservations if waiting till the last minute. If I was you I would contact the hotel and they will know more. The people on our tour in December had no problem with making reservation the day before they went.
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