Alaska in July

I'm looking at going on the Alaska: Call of the Wild tour on the July 6, 2013 departure. I have several questions. How is the weather in July? Will I still see snow/ice fields on the mountains? I also know this is a Tauck Bridges tour which is family oriented, so is this a tour that mostly only families go on? Do a lot of single people also go on this trip?


  • I can answer the Tauck Bridges tour question. I went on one with my nephew and it was all families. Mostly 4 to 6 in each group and they pretty much stuck together except when the older kids hung out with each other. Also, bridges tours have some stuff for kids to make it more interesting for them.
  • As a single traveler, I would not go on a Bridges tour. As crackers54 stated, the tours are family oriented so that a single traveler would find it very difficult, if at all, to find others with whom to spend time. As to your other questions, the weather is July varies but the temperatures are usually comfortable (50-60s). When I was there a few years ago, it was actually warm and I was able to go around without a jacket. You will also see ice and snowfields in the mountains in July. If you did the 2-week Tauck tour, you cruise through the glaciers of Glacier Bay. If the weather is clear at Denali, you can see Denali (Mount McKinley) with its ice/snow cover.
  • As a single traveler, I went on the 2-week Tauck tour with cruise in August this year and my experiences were pretty much the same as described by Kathy18, i.e. weather, ice/snow cover, etc. My recommendation would be to go on the 2-week Tauck excursion.

  • Alaska is a sub artic rain forest in large part so they do get a large amount of rain and snow. Weather is much like New England as"if you don't like the weather than just wait a minute"....
  • We traveled to Alaska during the first week of July with another company, but we were in the same area that the Tauck Bridges trip visits. The temperature was in the mid to upper 70's and the weather was sunny and beautiful the entire time. We've been very fortunate to have good weather on our travels. There was plenty of snow on the glaciers. The kids had snowball fights wearing their shorts and t-shirts. We've had couples and famililes with adult children on our Bridges trips, but never a solo traveler.
  • Thank you so much for your help everyone! This helps me a lot!
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