changing currency

We going to Cuba but are staying in Cancun for 5 days before we leave. We are trying to decide whether to exchange all US $ into Mexican pesos and take them to Cuba to convert into CUC,or to convert some US$ into Canadian $ and bring to Cuba and convert. We will have use for leftover Canadian$ back in the US but not the Mexican pesos. I would appreciate any comments . Thanks, hport


  • You will not need much in the way of CUC. All of your meals, tips and drinks are included on this trip. You may want to buy some music, or handicrafts or leave extra tip money for maids, at cultural centers, etc. If you go any place on your own, you'd need CUCs for cab fare, entrance fees and the like.

    If you aren't paying exchange rate on loonies, that might be worth bringing them but given that you aren't spending much money, it might not be worth the hassle. You can change USD into CUCs at the hotel (13% exchange rate). It is best to do small amounts at a time so that you didn't end up with a lot of CUCs to worry about. If you need to change CUC to USD, you have to do that at the airport and pay additional exchange rate.

    Hope you have as good a time as I did. Have a Mojito for me.
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