Photography on Tour

Are there stops outside of the bus for wildlife photography on tour or is it mostly shooting through glass?


  • While we haven't done this trip yet with Tauck (next week!), we took a very similar tour with the Smithsonian three years ago. They, like Tauck, use transportation, lodging and meals provided by the park concessionaire, Aramark, so I'm expecting the touring by snow-coach will be very similar, if not identical. We had lots of stops for photography. Some pre-planned, but many ad hoc based on seeing wildlife or other photogenic scenes. Dismounting was always an option except when we were literally caught in the middle of a bison herd rambling down the road. The windows in the snow coaches also opened so you could avoid shooting through the glass (which was very clean, so even through the glass was OK). Will this be the same under Tauck's direction? We certainly hope so...anything less would be very disappointing.
  • I took this tour in summer one year. One day we came upon a herd of buffolo and there was a safe spot to pull over so got some great pics. In winter shld have more wildlife than summer, because the animals are down from the high country.
  • Thank you, Portolan & crackers54 for your comments. I certainly hope we have the option of getting out for some pics.
  • Although not a photographer, I was on this tour in Feb (2012) and as I recall we did make a number of stops along the way for folks to get out of the snowcoaches to take pictures. I might add that it does not take much sound to frighten nearby animals away or keep them far away in Yellowstone. The point I am making is that if the opportunity arises during your time in the park noise is a big factor in whether or not you actually will see animals close up (excluding the bison, of course).
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