Anyone on the Jan 17th Grand Australia/NZ trip

Also, any recommendations on packing from those who have taken this trip in the past? Casual vs. more formal clothes (do any dinners or activities require clothes more formal than khakis and a button down?)


  • Hello Amac3,

    Select a wardrobe that is adaptable. During the day, casual comfortable cotton clothing is recommended. There may be occasional cool weather where warmer "layered" clothing will be comfortable. There are many days outside as well as many travel days where you will want to be comfortable.

    This itinerary includes accommodations in award-winning hotels and meals in many fine restaurants. You may enjoy dressing up a bit in these locations, however it is certainly not required. "Smart Casual" is perfectly acceptable, as are khakis, and button downs.

    Hope this helps,
  • I took this trip in Nov 2012. I did not do any dressy places. Nice pants and nice shirt is fine. Even the Opera House if you get tickets (can pick them up at half price day of tour) is just like at home. Some people really dress up some coming from work so not dressed up.
  • Aw, crackers, don't be a spoil sport! Blokes can get away with mostly anything.;) Us girls like to dress up, within the limits of our travelling wardrobe, to go to a smart restaurant. Of course, I'm sure your choice of "nice pants and nice shirt" is sartorially splendid! And I have to say, grudgingly, that your advice will work well in most places.;)) For me, I try hard not to look like a tourist. I prefer to go for the "experienced traveller" look if I can pull it off. (I think that might just be my little fantasy than any kind of reality!)

    As for the Opera or Ballet, some habits and traditions die hard! We do opera and Shakespeare in the Park in Melbourne over summer. Then, I have to say, everyone is more concerned with covering up to avoid the mozzies than straightening their tiaras!


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