Anyone going on the March 18 2013 Grand Tour?


  • We are from Merritt Island, fl, and are on the March trip you are on. Am curious if anyone can give help on dress for this trip. Are jackets for men needed?
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    From what I have read, so far, about Australia, it's rather informal. Perhaps,one of the Tauck experts will answer that.
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    Hi Pear,

    Well, how to answer this! Australia is as formal Wall Street, or Fifth Avenue or any Saks Fifth Avenue store. It is also as informal as Jackson, or Tahoe or Newport. Of course none of those professionals or holiday makers would wear the same clothes on a trip to Bryce Canyon! Some Australian cities are more European in flavour and some are more Vegas.

    Your trip will take you on a flying (literally) visit through some of the high spots of the Australian tourism template. You'll experience a very swift whip through some sophisticated cities, staying at some very elegant hotels, then other rural and remote settings, where things are definitely more relaxed.

    Ditto for New Zealand.

    Your job as a traveller is to pack a suitcase that will fit that bill. I'm not being sarcastic. I face the same issues when I travel. I know "outback" wear is unacceptable in a smart US restaurant. I know I'd look ridiculous in that same outfit in Newport! And I don't wish to look any more ridiculous that I already do! But for days when I'm on the road, I go for comfort and practicality ... things I can layer and also wear back as part of a "city" outfit. I will never make a fashion plate, but hopefully I don't make myself an easy target as a vulnerable tourist. I prefer to "try" to fit in as much as I practically can. And then there is the weather to factor in. You'll certainly need wet-weather gear if you're coming any time soon!

    Yep, packing for a girl can be hard! It's easier for blokes to smarten up. Nice slacks and shirt and they're good to go. They may well need a jacket for the weather, but I doubt they'd need a tailored jacket ... unless they are that kind of guy who chooses a tailored style. Yes, you will be carted around, secure in your Tauck bubble, but don't think that you are visiting darkest Africa. Yes, because of the Tauck bubble, some mores will just pass you by and in that delightful Tauck travelling haze, you may not, like Rhett Butler, give a damn! ;)

    Yes, we are relaxed. Yes, we can be formal. Just like any other first world economy. I never have worked out why Tauck sells Australia & New Zealand as exotic. Perhaps it's that Vegas effect?

    I don't know whether I've been a help or a hindrance, but I do know you'll have a wonderful time!



    PS : I do love the way the system has edited out my Rhett Butler quote. Everyone knows that quote! I'm sure you all know that the word just rhymes with ham! As I always tell myself, I'll never see any of these people again. If I look funny, who the heck cares! ;)))
  • I went on the trip and dress was pretty casual. Even at the show at the Opera House. Some were dressed up and some were casual. Only place I went that was a little bit dresser was the 2 revolving restaurants.
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