September 1, 2013 - Grand Teton/Yellowstone Safari

Anyone else signed up for this trip? I plan on arriving a day early and would enjoy meeting anyone else arriving before the start of the trip on Sunday. I am a Solo Traveler and this is my 1st group trip. Looking forward to seeing this beautiful country of ours.


  • I have done 9 trips solo with Tauck and all but one found people on the tour to hang out with. It was still fun but is much better when I make temporary friends on tour and sometimes after tour friends. This trip was great and that part of the country is amazing to see. I am from the east near Boston, so those mountains were great to see in person.
  • Hi Net,

    Great to see you back here! After the ... will I, won't I ... through to the ... I've booked ... to now, with your tour on the horizon! I've done the plainer version of your trip. Actually, it was my first Tauck adventure. Now, 16 trips later (all solo) I have 2 more for this (northern) summer on my horizon.

    You have chosen one of the most stunning parts of the country. Just don't think about how the ground shakes, ever so subtly, near Old Faithful!


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