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  • Does anyone ever come to these "forums?" I am on the Alaska trip in July and keep thinking there will some sort of discussion here, but there never is. I figured someone from a previous trip would come in and give helpful hints for the trip. I know Tauck does, but an actual paying guest can give some better insight.
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    Hi Nial,

    Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, we weren't able to transfer all our posts from the old Ask & Share Forums to the new Travel Forums, so we've all had to start fresh.

    I actually went on a different Alaska tour a few years back, though, and I can say that if you go in summer and go hiking, or are out around dusk, be prepared for mosquitos. And if you do go hiking, it's best if you wear a fairly light pair of long pants; it can get hot in the summer, into the 80's, and while you might prefer short sleeves or short pants, it's a good idea to protect your legs.

    And, I'm not just saying this because I work for Tauck, but Alaska has truly pristine natural beauty; it is absolutely beautiful country. I really hope you enjoy it; I know I did! :)

  • Thanks, Tim.

    I figured we might need a gallon of mosquito repellant during the summer. I appreciate your help. We are getting excited for the tour/cruise and know it will great.

  • We went on this trip in 2007 in late August. Be sure to bring good rain gear for Ketchikan and Juneau. It really rains. Also it's a bit chilly when viewing glaciers. Bring a good fleece pullover, maybe light gloves.
  • I get some different feedback on the dress code for the Captain's Receptions and Dinners. Do I really need a suit or sport coat, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, etc? I thought this formal attire went down with the Titanic. Luggage space is at a premium for packing this kind of stuff to only use once or twice. I'd like to attend the event, but question the economy of space for packing these items. Some folks tell me that you really don't need to bring/wear the formal clothing to enjoy these dinners. What is the "real skinny?"


  • Hi Nial,

    There are two designations of evening wear aboard the Princess: Smart Casual and Formal.

    Smart Casual Evenings:
    [*]Passengers dress as they would for a fine restaurant at home
    [*]Skirts/dresses, slacks, and sweaters for ladies
    [*]Pants and open-neck shirts for men

    Formal Evenings: (two)
    [*]Evening gowns and cocktail dresses for ladies
    [*]Tie and jacket, or suits for men

    In the dining room, items like as cutoff tee-shirts, shorts, halter tops, and jeans are not permitted, and shoes must be worn at all times. Princess cruises require passengers to use cover-ups over bathing suits when entering the ship's public rooms.

    Since luggage space is at a premium, if you plan it out in advance, you can probably pack a lightweight jacket and coordinate your shirts and pants, and match them in such a way that you can recycle some, once at one of the formal evenings, and once at a smart casual evening. And if you need it, laundry and dry cleaning services are also available onboard the Princess.

  • Hi Nial. I too question the formal dress evenings. I'm no expert but on other trips I've been on a sports jacket and non-sneakers (eg, loafers) would qualify. I myself am planning to wear a dressy top with slacks, not an evening gown (whatever that is) :>)

    Sturbridge, MA
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