State Department Security Message for Cusco

We are still a little ways off from our Tauck trip to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, which departs May 7. We are concerned, however, about the February 13 security message from the U.S. State Department about a potential kidnapping threat in Cusco for U.S. citizens. State Department employees are prohibited from personal travel to that region because of the threat. We will be contacting Tauck and our travel agent, but would like to know what steps Tauck would take in a situation like this to protect our safety. Would the trip be canceled and our money refunded? would we be rescheduled for a later time when it might be safer? Has anyone traveled with Tauck before in a similar situation? We have paid for about half the trip, but the full amount will be due soon and we would like to know our options.


  • Hello RFLarkins,

    We are well aware of the situation in Peru. Please note that there has been no Travel Warning nor Travel Advisory issued for these areas by the U.S. State department. The security message advises independent travelers to maintain high level vigilance when visiting these areas through the end of February. Additionally the security message also reminds travelers that thousands of U.S. citizens routinely travel to the Cusco region without undue incident. The U.S. Embassy remains confident of the Peruvian government’s efforts to ensure the safety of all tourists in the region.

    Tauck is monitoring the situation closely, we are in contact with our suppliers and security sources. At the current time based on all information we have received, we are scheduled to operate as scheduled on all upcoming departures that travel to Peru. If there are any changes to the current situation, we will advise at the earliest.

    As always, the safety and security of our guests remain our highest priorities.

    Hope this helps,
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