Dress for welcome and farewell dinners

After looking through prior postings, it appeared that the clothing for the Grand Australia & New Zealand trip was pretty casual. One posting I read even said that their papers from Tauck indicated that men did not need jackets. I was looking through our papers today however for the tour starting March 4, 2013 and they said a sport jacket and cocktail dress might be appropriate, particularly for the welcome and farewell dinners.

Could someone who has been on this tour recently comment on whether we should pack a jacket and cocktail dress? We are trying to pack light, but want to bring everything we need!


  • Smart casual seemed to be the actual dress for our recent tour. Nice collared shirts and slack for the men, slacks to cocktail dresses for the women. Everyone looked good.
  • Hi ginct...My husband and I will also be on the tour starting March 4, 2013. He will not be bringing a sports jacket; I will not be bringing a dress or skirt for the opening/farewell dinners. Packing light (or at least lighter) is the goal for us. Looking forward to meeting you in Melbourne.
  • It was very casual even when I went to the Sydney Opera house. Some came from work and did not dress up. The only dressy places we went was in Sydney and Auckland. The restaurant in the towers. Was just not jeans or shorts. nice shirt and nice pants or skirt or a casual dress.
  • Thank you for all your responses. We will leave the sports jacket and dresses at home & pack light!

    My husband isn't able to make the trip, but my parents and I will look forward to meeting you in Melbourne,
    TL19711 !
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