Obtaining cash in Australia/New Zealand

Would like advice from those who have gone on this trip. Is it better to obtain cash from an ATM when we arrive or exchange money at the airport for cash? We will probably charge most of our items but might need $$ for laundry or coffee?? Thanks!


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    We recently returned from the trip. You are going to have a good trip. ATM's and Banks were readily accessible in virtually all areas. We did take a few hundred in AUD and NZD which we procured from our US bank prior to traveling. Make sure to notify your bank that you will be out of country while using their ATM card as well as notifying your credit card company so they don't put a security hold on your card(s). I always recommend taking some foreign currency with you. Exchange at the airports is normally more costly.
  • I waited till I got to the hotel in Melbourne. There are ATM in the mall right behind the hotel. And a Eyeglass place if you need your glasses repaired as I did. And a place to buy adapters if yours does not wrk as mine did.
  • I used ATM's, but also exchanged money at the Casino in New Zealand, just for another option. :-) I also tried to take enough out so I wouldn't have to keep going back just to avoid the ATM fees.

    Enjoy! Best trip!!
  • There are ATM's everywhere down here in Australia. You'll find them aplenty in shopping centres, hotels and outside banks in the streets. The exchange rate is much better at the ATM's than anywhere else and they are very convenient. I wouldn't worry about where to find some local currency. Have fun and enjoy our country.
  • Thanks to everyone for the replys! We look forward to starting our trip soon!
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