Time on the Bus

We are considering the America's Canyonlands trip and have been reading wonderful comments from everyone. I see there is a great deal of mileage covered in this trip. How many hours usually per day on the bus? Do you usually travel in the mornings or at night? We read up on the itinerary, but, we are looking for an idea about the bus travel portion of the trip. Would appreciate any feedback.


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    I have written quite a few things about this trip on the forum. The bus ride varies but never at night. Usually start out around 8 or so in the morning and are not on the bus more than 2 hours before a break. If we were staying two nights at a destination, for example, Lake P-o-w-e-l-l, we had one day where we were only on the bus to get to a sight to see. The bus rides are fine and certainly don't wear you out. I don't know if you have ever traveled with Tauck but it is a vacation. They take care of everything. This is a wonderful trip to see America the Beautiful!! Enjoy.
  • I agree it was not bad. The longest is from Grand Canyon, you leave after lunch from a view point and the ride seems long because not much to look at but landscape as I remember. I took my nephew at 10 1/2 and we loved it.
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