Anyone booked on the Tuesday, April 23 trip from Brussels to Amsterdam? We are looking forward to another wonderful riverboat experience and would like to hear from anyone who is also going on that date.


  • Hi, I' m looking at the April 23rd trip also. How did you choose that date? I' m wondering what date is best for all the flowers to be in bloom. DJ Malone
  • Hi DJ:

    The date kind of chose me. I wanted to go as late in the month as possible so it would be warmer. Also, we wanted to finish in Amsterdam and stay an extra night. Finally, we were on the exact same riverboat last June for the Budapest to Prague cruise and I knew what room I wanted to get. The same itinerary later on was sold out, so we took the 23rd.

    Is there space? Where are you from? Is this your first river cruise?
  • We took this fantastic Tauck tour several years ago, starting in Brussels on April 11th. We were in the Keukenhof Gardens on the 17th, and it was glorious! The millions of bulbs are planted 3 deep so that when one set is bloomed out another takes its place. That said, mid April should be the opportune time to see the gardens. Much obviously, depends on whether the winter is warmer or colder than usual. The gardens close fairly early in May, so don't wait too late to go.
  • So, what did you decide for April 23? I'm so used to late May to early October trips, where we've always been unlucky enough for it to be "unseasonably hot" that I don't know what to expect for weather in late April/early May. But, it does sound lovely and I'd rather end in Amsterdam than begin there when we'll have just arrived.
  • Just got confirmation for the April 23 trip from Brussels-Amsterdam. Real excited about it! Was told the flowers should be in full bloom. This is our first riverboat trip, but did a Tauck tour of Eastern Europe. Trying to figure out what kind of clothes to pack. Any ideas?? Linda
  • I went to Amsterdam 1st week in May. In town they had no tulips left, but at Keukenhof they have tulips till the end of May cause they are grown through out the season they are open. April should be better than May was for me as far as the flowers hopefully.
  • Hi Linda:

    Just read you are on the April 23 trip. That's great. Where are you from? Where are you flying from? We are going out of Philadelphia and will arrive Tues, morning, 4/23. We live at the Jersey Shore.
    If you want to contact me directly, email is [email protected]

    Looking forward to meeting you.

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