Venice and Dalmation Coast Small Ship Cruise 5/30/13

Don't see much activity on this forum about this trip, so I thought I'd anyone going on this? Any tips on clothing (I know....LAYER), and insights about the land tours? Thanks, in advance!


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    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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  • We are doing August trip but friends did Sept trip. Warm temps
    But layers for ship. Wind jackets and poplin pants. Jacket and tie
    for first night and captain night on ship for husband and my friend did semi
    Dressy pant suits.
  • We--two ladies from California--will be on the 5/30/13 trip. I have been to Croatia twice in the Fall and found the weather very mild. I have heard that it can be very hot in the summer. I doubt Croatia gets rain in the summer, but I have been in Venice at the end of June and experienced a heavy downpour that lasted for a couple of hours. As for the land tours in Croatia, I'm not sure what to expect as my previous trips have only been to visit family in the Trogir area not far from Split. I have been on two Tauck tours so far and have found them to be very well done. We look forward to seeing you soon!
    Jeanne and Marlene
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