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  • OurTravels34

    Claudia, I’ve read many of your posts, and honest to goodness, you make the most sense from anyone on this forum. You write your opinion objectively and your thoughts come from every angle instead of a biased or personal one. That, In itself, speaks volumes. Amen and happy travels.

    May 18
    • Claudia Sails
      Claudia Sails

      Thanx. I try. I know I have a temper and have to work trying to be tactful, see all sides and be honest. Don't always make it on the tactful side. I sure hope Scylla gets there staffing issues solved soon. I've been looking forward to the Douro but debating about holding off on it til next spring. Happy travels to you.

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    April 25
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    April 24
  • GatorMom

    Claudia, thanks for your response. I was able to get concert tickets for his performance in Amsterdam.

    March 30
    • Claudia Sails
      Claudia Sails

      Oh good. I go back and forth with myself planning additional activities on tours. Part of me wants to see it all and part knows that when actually on tour I might change my mind or circumstances change. I'm planning for our Douro cruise in Oct with an 8am Lisbon arrival the day prior. I have all sorts of ideas but worry whether the flight is on time, how my jetlag will be, will the weather be lousy, etc. Wishing you the best.