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    Claudia, just a quick private message to tell you how much we enjoyed our first River Cruise that ends in the morning. We have had an awesome time. It’s certainly a relaxing way to travel. So although we feel that we definitely see more on the land tours, we will tale another rover tour sometime in the future. Your information these past couple of years has been very helpful. We even loved the old room card in the slot by the door for the lights, must have saved us forgetting to pick up our key wallets when we left our room numerous times. We were able to keep them in our pockets all the time.
    But, I absolutely dread getting on the scales after all the alcohol and food. I don’t know how I am going to explain it to my cardiologist.
    My best wishes, Judy, yes my real name 😜

    July 21
    • Claudia Sails
      Claudia Sails
      You're more than welcome. Glad to help. I've certainly learned plenty from you as well. If you and hubby are ever out here in New Mexico, feel free to look us up.
      PS- This last cruise I ate so much I almost couldn't face meals when we got home.
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