NancyCohen I love my Biaggi suitcases!! The big one weighs less than 5 pounds. I have the 31”, 27” expandable and the 24” one. They have been all over the world with me multiple times without a problem! And my fellow travel partner are all Biaggi devotees too! Yes, luggage for 5. We had been on Land of Rising Sun tour and then headed to Bangkok!


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  • Nancy

    Nancy, I also wondered which bag you use. It looks like there arevtwo sizes. I like the concept. Nancy

    October 23
    • NancyCohen

      Hi Nancy,
      I love my Biaggis and I have lots of them! I have traveled extensively with them without a real problem! The issue is overstuffing which is how I always end up!!

      . I have a wide assortment of zip saks:

      31” is my main bag/it has been accepted on all flights where the stated max height is 29”

      22” - WAS my carry on bag and the bag I packed; I take 2

      Then Biaggi added an expandable bag (goes from 16” to 21” to 29” — I think) - this became my carryon bag and I expanded it as needed. Then I bought the wide body bag - but I never got to use it because if Covid.:-)

      I confess: I am a shopper. Once I even had to buy additional suitcase in Vietnam!

      I will attach a photo of me and my 4 travel companions - we all use Biaggi!! This was the end of a trip: all overstuffed!!

      If you have any questions, ask away

  • MarketArt

    Sorry, Nancy. I was just wandering the Forum and saw your very old Q re Food Tour in Morocco. I should have been clear: that was with Zingerman's, the Ann Arbor food empire. If you think Tauck serves up too much food... But do check out their very interesting itineraries.

    September 16
    • NancyCohen

      Thanks so much. I follow Zingerman’s on Instagram - quite a place! I will take a look! Due to covid restrictions, I’m now going to Morocco in October 2022…hoping the 3rd time will be the charm! Before the Morocco portion, we’re doing a 2 1/2 week road trip from Lisbon thru Spain, to Gibraltar and then to Tangier. With some many countries, we thought it would be too restrictive this year. We are hoping things improve — who knows!!

  • SGF

    Hi Nancy,

    Wondered if you made a decision on the Nov. Morocco trip. We're scheduled for the Nov. 11 departure- final payment due now. Pretty sure we're going...trying to get the Moderna booster prior, just as a precaution.

    Thanks, Shari Fine

    September 13
    • NancyCohen

      Hi Shari-
      We decided to reschedule. We now plan on October 23, 2022. We were concerned because we were doing a 2 week road trip (prior to the Tauck portion) from Lisbon thru Spain, Gibraltar and then Tangier to Rabat. Since this involved multiple countries, we opted to defer. Also, I travel as a solo with 2 couples and wanted to make sure we could get a trip to Morocco for all of us. Babies are coming for all of us January - April so our time was limited.

    • SGF

      Ah...I too have a small window- first grandchild due mid Dec. Trying to squeeze in a short (ish) trip before then. Your future trip sounds great!

    • NancyCohen

      My first grandchild is due 4/3…just past 1st trimester! Exciting times!! I want to hear details of the trip!! Everyone who has been has raved!!! It may be easier to correspond via email:
      [email protected]

      Have a wonderful trip—