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    September 6
  • sherry_schare

    We just returned (Aug 2) from the Great Migration. All food served at Tauck locations was safe to eat, salads and fruit included. Only drink or brush teeth with bottled water provided by Tauck and drivers or Tauck hotels/camps.Food in the Serengetti and at Masai Mara was good, but not gourmet. Plenty of choices available at all of our meals.

    August 19
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    August 9
  • British

    Part 3
    And into canyons. There’s a lot more walking on this tour. Well that’s enough. We loved Namibia and will be going again with a new company we found, but we are going to Borneo with them first to see how it goes.

    August 4
  • British

    Part 2
    No seat rotation. One woman could literally barely walk, she was about 90 and very frail. I was afraid she would die and her first day wish was to survive the tour. We kept finding ourselves sit her, no one else would share the vehicles with her. She and her friend kept being late to bus, finally the guide said if anyone was late we would leave without them. The final straw halfway thru was when she got on the bus and the smell of poop was terrible, then we noticed she had her own excrement down her legs and she was totally unaware. My hubby spoke to the guide at our first stop and said we refused to get back in with her. So she and her dotty friend were in that bus and the rest of us crammed into another. Oh by the way, at the start of the tour, the local rep saw her and told us all not to worry, she was not fit and she would be sent home. She could not participate in much, so the local guide had to stay with her in the hot desert when he was supposed to be guiding us all up

    August 4
  • British

    Private message Nedda. OAT. that lady was the least of our troubles. All the little things you take for granted with Tauck were missing. We knew things like It would be day three before the tour started. It was Namibia, Tauck used to go there, we wanted to go because it’s a beautiful country. The tour actually stays in two towns there, that look German because of the history. The first hotel In the capital was quite nice. Wehad no hot water the first night, I thought, it’s ok, it’s Africa. My hubby went to the front desk the next day. They had ‘forgotten’ to turn the water on our side of the hotel. The people on the other side we found out after the third day when we were leaving that some of our group had no hot water the entire time.
    We had to pay for bottled water in some places and of course all other drinks. There were 13 of us, only 3 men, one other married couple like us but they did not mix and spoke Polish to each other all the time. Two minivans were used for between camps

    August 4