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    September 27
  • MCD

    Hi, PureLuxury. The Grand Australia & New Zealand tour is my favorite Tauck tour. I fell in love with NZ and signed up for that new NZ tour as soon as it was offered, but it was one of the many that were cancelled last year. Next year's are sold out, I believe -- at least for solos.

    Maureen ("MCD")

    September 23
    • PureLuxury

      Hi Maureen. I'm still deciding on next trips. I pushed Magic of Morocco to accommodate the re-scheduled Jordan-Egypt. I wanted to go to Singapore-Bali in 2022 but it is sold out for 2022 and perhaps even 2023 (for Solo travelers). I promised my cousin I would travel to Peru/Galapagos in 2022 - so Morocco will be pushed further. I'm so glad we have choices.

      Thinking of New Zealand - I'm savoring the green lipped mussels and salmon and wine - that was the best Sauvignon Blanc I ever tasted. The New Zealand water definitely made the difference. ..oh my so good.


  • SGF

    Wondering if you're still planning to go Morocco? We're scheduled on the Nov. 11th tour...a little unsure but hoping to get booster shots prior. Thanks, Shari Fine

    September 13
    • PureLuxury

      Hi Shari. I've pushed Morocco to 2022 to accommodate Jordan-Egypt this year as it was originally planned for December 2020.

      Please let me know how you enjoy Morocco. I think all of us who travel this year will have the fortunate pleasure of visiting all of the sights with minimal crowds. That's a blessing in disguise. Wearing a mask all the time will not be much fun, but as long as we're outdoors and the fact that everyone on tour will be required to be vaccinated, eases some of my anxiety. I hope there are not many restrictions to the itinerary. I hope the booster is available prior to your travels. Safe Travels.--Robin

  • franlovestravel

    Thanks for the welcome. I loved Jordan and when you go take the optional tour to Jarash if its offered. Its the most amazing Roman/Greek discovery! When I was on the Israel we were not able to see Masada as there was a huge rainstorm that washed the road out to the park. I wonder if I'll get to Israel again. If I do, it will be top of my list!

    September 11
    • PureLuxury

      Good Morning. Thank you for the advice. I will definitely take advantage of the tour to Jerash if offered. I will try to see as much as possible and not miss much of anything as I don't suspect I will ever visit Jordan again. I may skip lunch (especially if it is buffet style) and hike to the Monastery--hopefully someone in my group has an interest and will join me. I've always traveled with Tauck as a solo traveler and have met many many wonderful people to explore the sights with.

      I really wanted to see the Petra at night light show. I was excited to see my tour would be in Petra on a Wednesday night but it looks like that's the same night as the tented dinner. I was willing to miss an ordinary meal, but I will not pass up the experience of a meal in the bedouin tents.

      It's unfortunate you missed Masada. I wonder of you were on the tour immediately before mine (November 21, 2019). I remember the TD stating the previous tour didn't get to see Masada because of the rain. The vista from Masada was amazing. I hope you get to return to Israel. It was a wonderful tour. I learned so much.

      Have a great day! Cheers--Robin

    • franlovestravel

      Yep, I bet I was. I was there late October. The other thing we missed was most of the tent dinner from the same storm. We had high winds and the tents became unstable. We were able to eat, but the entertainment was cancelled. Food was fabulous and that was the farewell dinner so it was very disappointing. Lunch was a buffet in Petra. By the time you walk to lunch you'll be ready to take a potty break and eat. My memory is there was plenty of time to do both.
      I hope I do get to see Masada some day. It was on the top of my list for must sees!

      This will be my third trip with Tauck solo as my hubby can longer can travel. Egypt is the one trip that he always wanted to do, so he'll really be doing this one vicariously though me. I know there are solo travelers going on the Egypt trip, and it is fun to meet others to pal around with. Next May I'm booked on classic Italy. Have you been on that trip? Where are you headed in 2022?
      Best, Fran

    • PureLuxury

      Hi Fran & Happy Sunday! Such a disappointment your husband will not be with you physically to enjoy the trip. That just means you will have to capture quick videos to share with him and write to him in so much detail that he can picture himself with you. I remember my first luxury African safari tour. I emailed a daily recap with pictures to my friends. They told me the writings were so vivid that they felt as if they were traveling with me.

      I have traveled to Italy on 3 occasions but not with Tauck. I'm in the process of re-thinking my 2022 travels. I will probably travel to Morocco in 2022 as I was supposed to travel there this year and then had to re-arrange everything due to COVID. I also have interest in the Singapore/Bali tour. I've been to Singapore but I hear Bali is beautiful and I do not remind repeating the Singapore part of that tour. I also have China/Vietnam/Laos in the queue; however, I'm not sure Tauck still includes Laos in the itinerary.

      So many options....always good.

      Have a wonderful evening....Robin