• the moores

    I looked at the itinerary and you do go to Pena this year. But - if you can try to spend a few days in Sintra. In addition to Pena is the National Museum and also the really interesting Quinta da Regaleira (sp?) and Monserrate. We toured Portugal with another company but flew into Lisbon early, took a cab to Sintra and spent two or three fabulous days touring the places I just listed. There are other places to see, particularly if you like walking/hiking. It was a really magical place.

    Also, the group goes to Cascais after Sintra. Cascais is just another beach town. You could consider staying back to see more of Sintra and taking the train back to Lisbon. It's a fairly short train ride with frequent runs...

    Whatever you do I'm sure you will love Lisbon.

    March 2