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  • PureLuxury

    Hi Mil. It will be my pleasure to secure a Luxor magnet for you. There is no need to reimburse me for the magnet nor the post. Let me know if your mom would like one as well.

    I am arriving a day early and departing for my tour on December 10th. The tour starts December 12th. Today, I contemplated changing my flight to spend 2 days in Jordan prior to the official start of the tour like you did. I'm afraid I may not have time to do the City tour, Bethany Beyond the Jordan and enjoy a spa service AND relax by one of those amazing pools. I have a refundable airline ticket so it may not be a problem to change. I may ask Tauck of the hotel has availability for an extra night. I'll keep you posted.

    I hope you have caught up on your rest. I am like you. I do not suffer jet lag.

    My personal email address is [email protected]

    Have a great weekend!


    October 22
  • MCD
    MCD mil

    Hi, MIL. Thanks so much for your reports. My "Israel and Jordan" tour in March 2020 was cut short because of Covid, so we never made it to the ruins at Petra (though we did make it to the Movenpick right across the street in Wadi Musa). To see things that we couldn't see (including the ruins and Bethlehem and Masada in Israel), I booked the new "Jerusalem, the Red Sea and Petra" trip for next March. I was thinking of skipping Jerash (where we did go in 2020) and doing more exploring in Amman. Was your full day tour a Tauck option or did you book it yourself? Did you see everything you wanted to see in Amman? I'm wondering whether I should stay an extra day in Amman. (Just yesterday, Tauck changed the date of my tour--it will start and end a day earlier than planned, so I have to change at least one of my flights, and maybe both of them.) I would like the contact information for your tour guide. Thanks for your help.

    Maureen ("MCD")

    October 14
  • PureLuxury

    Mil, I'm so happy to see your post. I was worried for a few days. I even sent a private message to AlanS saying I was worried about you because it was unlike you not to post anything. He tried to calm my nerves by telling me you probably had really terrible internet connection. Then he was worried at the end of your tour when you hadn't posted. I reminded him that you were planning to spend a few days in Dubai. I can't wait to hear all about it. Hope your mom had a great time as well. You're a trooper for going back to work so soon....hopefully you're working from home.--Robin.

    October 13
  • franlovestravel

    Hi Mil. With your trip coming up in just a couple of weeks, I'll look forward to your posts. I'm going on November 28th. Have a safe trip.

    September 11
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    September 6