Simon, Thanks. From what I have read, you are right on. I also understand the reluctance of Big Pharma to release something that may not be effective or as effective as it should or could be, and certainly don't want to put out something that may be harmful in the short or long term. History is full of those- Laetrile, thalidomide, etc. My point was that there will be extreme political pressure placed on the FDA, etc., and Big Pharma to approve a COVID-19 drug in minimal time. Just look at what is happening with the White House and Hydroxychloroquine! It borders on criminal. Alan


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    We contacted Eldertreks and they were able to talk to their Liaison person at Trip Mate and there was some sort of appeal. We have been able to contact the other five people on the tour and pass on all the info to them. Trip Mate has dreadful reviews all over the internet.
    Always fun reading your posts Alan.

    June 13
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    Hello Alan, I hope you have had good news form all your tests this week. I’m glad to see you are still posting which I hope is a good sign.
    I fear you and I may be heading down the road with More disagreements with Cathy. Last year she was sending me many pictures of her and her family and then took them all away when you and I were concerned about her safely with that elephant. She reprimanded us because she thought we had totally misinformed her about suitable clothing for the Africa tour And yet she is the only one wearing a teenage style dress in the group photo when everyone else is wearing the standard sensible safari type gear. So I am going to try my best not to engage. But anyway, my pessimism is probably going to get me in trouble here on the forum.
    We were thrilled to finally get our insurance refund for our Borneo tour yesterday. Trip Mate insurance had denied it, even though Eldertreks were sure we were covered. Whoops, second part coming

    June 13
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