Simon, Thanks. From what I have read, you are right on. I also understand the reluctance of Big Pharma to release something that may not be effective or as effective as it should or could be, and certainly don't want to put out something that may be harmful in the short or long term. History is full of those- Laetrile, thalidomide, etc. My point was that there will be extreme political pressure placed on the FDA, etc., and Big Pharma to approve a COVID-19 drug in minimal time. Just look at what is happening with the White House and Hydroxychloroquine! It borders on criminal. Alan


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  • Claudia Sails

    Alan, thought I'd send you an update on the knee. Got a call from the surgeons office last week that they had a cancellation for this Friday(30th) if I wanted it. Set off a mad scramble to fit in the remaining pre-op appts, get the house ready, etc. Right now looking like a go as long as I don't flunk my covid test. Did flunk my staph/mrsa test so I have some extra prep to do for that. Goopy nose ointment during a week of blowing wind/pollen and special daily body wash. Arg.

    Yes, it will be a full knee replacement. My Dr doesn't do partials. Was talking to the third woman I know who had a partial that didn't go well - mostly seems to be bad sizing of the hardware. She actually saw my surgeon for a second opinion and was impressed with him.

    Between that and the news that Europe is trying hard to reopen this summer my cautious optimism has gone up a notch. :)

    April 27
  • Debi Horan

    Hello Alan. My husband and I are signed up for the Eqypt/ Jordan Dec. 3 trip. Should I schedule flights by now to Amman? Send me any info you have accumulated that I might find useful Thank you Debi H

    March 31
  • mcmaj

    Hi Alan,
    Could you send me your Word document on Egypt? We had to cancel our tour as well. Sigh.

    March 20