Simon, Thanks. From what I have read, you are right on. I also understand the reluctance of Big Pharma to release something that may not be effective or as effective as it should or could be, and certainly don't want to put out something that may be harmful in the short or long term. History is full of those- Laetrile, thalidomide, etc. My point was that there will be extreme political pressure placed on the FDA, etc., and Big Pharma to approve a COVID-19 drug in minimal time. Just look at what is happening with the White House and Hydroxychloroquine! It borders on criminal. Alan


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  • terrilynn

    AlanS - I was just reading your post re: booking airfare 330 days out - is that only for Business Class? We are also taking a Xmas Market River Cruise in 2021 - our 4th one - we've done 2 with Tauck & one with Uniworld in the past. We are redoing the Danube 2021. We usually book coach, but where we can choose our seats. We'd love to fly business, but use the extra money to stay another 10 days over there after the cruise. What are your thoughts on Tauck booking for you? We've never done that. I appreciate any input you can offer us. We will be traveling with 2 other couples and are staying a total of 2 weeks. We used to live in Asheville, NC -- but have recently moved to Winston Salem - so most likely flying out of Greensboro or Charlotte, NC. Thanks so much - Terri Thompson

    October 2
    • Hopkinstx
      I just talked to Tauck regarding our Sept 13-Oct 8th back-to-back Rhine Oktoberfest cruise and Bellisima Northern Italy trips. They indicated the travel dept. would be booking our flights in late November. I’m sure others have different views, but we have found the Tauck rates are very very competitive and discounted. They beat out AMEX Platinum’s 2 for 1 rates. We travel Business for the comfort of long haul. My wife has back issues so it really is mandatory for her. For us the extra cost is worth it for airport lounges, expedited boarding and full lay down seats.