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  • MalloryG

    Good question on Hawaii. We're on the west coast, and would love to get there, but not sure we need a tour. Thinking of where to go next!

    May 17
  • Nancy

    British, I'm following all the comments regarding the Kingdoms and Dragons this fall. Just read your recent post...what date are you and your husband booked to be on a trip with you sometime. Many of the fall trips are sold out...for now. We are booked for 2023 but probably dates aren't going to work out. Truly wonder if Singapore will ever be visited by us. Thanks, Nancy

    May 14
  • OurTravels34

    British, I am OurTravels34 and sometimes very present on the Tauck forum and sometimes not so much. I'm taking it upon myself to private message you if you don't mind about one particular Africa question. I simply can't make up my mind at the moment with which Africa tour to take. They all seem to have advantages and disadvantages and, of course, it' all becomes a personal choice. The more information I can gather, the more I can process. I have read all through the forum and gathering good tidbits of information. I can certainly call Tauck but I'm not so sure I would get enough feedback. When I am comparing the three trips, two fly to Victoria Falls. Here is my question. I know world renown waterfalls can be spectacular and I'm in a pickle because I just don't know if it's worth all the effort with the extra internal plane flight. I have stood before and heard the thunder of Iguazu Falls in South America and, yes, that was spectacular. Any information would be appreciated. Judy

    May 1