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    September 11
  • sherry_schare

    We just booked the June 18 land tour and this will be our 11th Tauck trip. Women do wear leggings, jeans or capris during the days because they are comfortable. Most people do find time to change into something more comfortable when dining in nice hotel or off the premises restaurants. Of course, it runs the gamut from dressy casual to a little more upscale. My husband usually likes to wear a nice polo or button down shirt and docker type pants and shoes and I tend to favor dressy tops, tailored slacks and dressy flats. Are you on my trip, British?

    September 8
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  • Tylerspapa

    Again ,I did dispute the Credit card company charge . They thought the charge was legit because the Westin St Francis sent them 10 pages of documents but it was

    August 27
  • sherry_schare

    We just returned from this trip and it was fabulous, even for "senior" city folks who have never been camping. The canvas safari tents are carpeted, have in-house electricity and flush toilets. The "bucket shower" is private and indoors and the staff fills your water tank with hot water as requested. The beds are king-sized and down comforters and hot water bottles as needed (they stay hot ALL night) " Mobile camp" means the entire camp is relocated about 3-4 times a year depending on the predictable movement of the herds of wildebeests and zebras. Private vehicles means that the camp supplies the land-cruisers and druver/guides to Tauck and each car carries only 4-6 Tauck passengers. In typical Tauck practice, your TD will assign you to specific cars/drivers/fellow passengers each day.

    August 19
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