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  • Worst website to get around.....cannot get to forum. Hope the tours are better than the website.
  • Hi Janis,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having difficulty with the website! Is there anything in particular that you're looking for?

    (Also, these are the forums! If you were looking for Ask & Share, they're now known as the Travel Forums.)

  • I agree with Janis. You have ruined a great forum by creating this one that has superficial and limited topics. I want to read the uncensored and extensive descriptions of individual trips like you had on your prior travel forum. Your change was a stupid one.
  • Sorry that you're not finding the topics you like. When we set up this new Forum, we set them up in the most logical manner, namely by the tour destinations - The old Ask & Share Forum worked the same exact way. We also welcome anyone to start new topic treads in this forum for those things they wish to discuss.

    The only thing we censor here is foul or vulgar language, which again you will find are the rules on many travel forums. The minimum age to be on Tauck's Travel Forum is 13, so we are trying to be respectful to everyone.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • When and if will this tour be available for 2012 booking? I forgot to ask when I was on the phone with a Tauck representative earlier today (experiencing LONG hold times has prompted me to try this forum to ask questions)
    Thanks for your help-
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