Kenya/Tanzania classic safari cash/ credit card question

Taking this trip July 20 and wondered others who recently returned from this safari could recommend how mush cash they took and also did they use a credit card for hotel incidentals. We are going a day early and wonder if any meals are covered in Arusha Mountain Village hotel charge. Thanks for your help!


  • I took this trip last August and brought $500 in cash which was more than enough and I did use my credit card for hotel incidentals. Make sure that your cash is in fairly newer bills and bring plenty of singles. You will need them. I don't think that any meals would be covered if you are going in a day early but I didn't go in a day early (big mistake) so I can't be sure. Have a great time - this trip is totally amazing and nobody does it better than Tauck. Enjoy!!
  • I was on the same trip as blackmagic and what she said about cash is correct. We did go a few days early and breakfast was included. Other meals were reasonably priced. A trip you will never forget.
  • I took this trip in 2012. We got along quite well without changing any money to local currency. Everyone took our dollars or credit cards in the hotels and shops. The advice to bring crisp bills is well taken. We personally found ourselves spending more of our $5, $10, and even $20 bills over the singles. Only in one place were our $1's clearly the best. But then we did tend to buy more than one item at a time. Bargaining is crucial!
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