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  • Hello, my mother, sister, and I are all signed up for the Monday November 24, 2014 trip. Can you tell us more about the balloon ride? We have never been on a hot air balloon ride before, so this will be very exciting. Is there a link that shows where exactly the balloon ride will be and what we will be flying over? Thanks so much, Kathy McNamara
  • If I had been able to go on it, it seemed we would have gone over farmland on the other side of the mountains. Unfortunately my was cancelled do to the weather. There was high winds and threat of a storm coming.
  • We have just got back from the Grand OZ & NZ tour which included the balloon flight. Great fun but needs a VERY early start (0430). Large baskets hold a dozen or more people and flights go over forest and farmland. Arrive back at the hotel approx 0815.
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