South Africa: An Elegant Adventure

We are going on the SA Elegant Adventure Sept. 12th and wondered what types of clothes other who have taken this trip would suggest.


  • We took this trip a year ago in September and had a great time. Clothing in the cities would be casual for touring and smart casual for evening meals. Sportcoat for men is not required, but may be nice for a cool evening meal.

    While in the "bush" most of our group used tan, or brown, or grey clothing to go into the game presrves to see the wildlife, and stayed in the same clothing for meals. No one was offended, and we all did the same.

    Hope this helps you out.
  • Thanks for your info on the clothes. It was very helpful!
  • Took this trip several years ago. Agree that clothing is more on the casual side than other Tauck tours. On safari due to the late arrival back to camp after the late afternoon/evening drive, we all stayed in the same clothes for dinner under the stars!
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