Using Credit Cards in Italy

Has anyone had any issues recently using credit cards in Italy ? I have heard that if your credit card doesn't have a chip you can't use it ???


  • I was in Italy in 2012 and had no problem. However I have since requested and recceived a card with a chip. I understand that the countries in Europe are getting fussier about using non-chip cards.

    If you contact your card issuer, they can proably send you a new card with a chip and then you will be set.
  • Hi kcfromkc,

    I went to Italy in September of last year, and I had no trouble. The best advice I can give you is to call your bank before you leave, and both A) let them know that you're traveling, as charges might be automatically declined otherwise, and B) ask them about the chips and what kind of cards work in Italy well in advance, so if you need a new one issued, you'll have enough time to get one from them and ensure it's working before you leave.

    I hope this helps!
  • I, also, went in Sept. and had not issues. I only use capital one, because there is no charge for money exchange from any foreign currency to US dollars.
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